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Kaito Y. Hatake






Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Kaito was born in Sakai, Japan in the year 1997. He was born into a loving family, consisting of his mother Yumiko, his father Daiki, and his brother who was a year older than him, Yuji. For the first couple years of Kaito’s life nothing out of the ordinary happened, but a little after this third birthday everything took a turn for the worst. On another day of recording for Yumiko and Daiki, they were going to the old Yakuza hideout, exploring the area briefly before getting tragically murdered by newer members of the rival clan, Susana. Leaving Yuji and Kaito alone in the apartment to grow up on their own. Kaito and Yuji would've gone a week without their parents, assuming the worst at this point, but they used their minds together to fend for themselves at such a young age. They would find ways to open the cupboards and refrigerator doors open when they found themselves hungry- the two would do this until their early adolescents, using their parent's money that was left behind to buy food and other necessities from the shops around the city. Around the ages of 10 and 11 Yuji and Kaito would have been able to cook their food and keep the apartment tidy. The two kids would follow this process until 12-13 when they discussed it over with one another and decided to enroll in the school nearby- giving them the chance to develop social skills so they would create bonds with others and even strengthen their bond, along with giving them basic knowledge that they would need later down the road. They would do this for some time, slowly progressing through school, in which Yuji soon did some research into their family name and the finding out that the Yokuto Clan was a fierce clan that intended to murder anyone and anything from the shadows, which truly interested Yuji. Sorry after finding all of this out Yuji told Kaito, in which soon they taught themselves how to fight, getting themselves involved with criminals and gangs for years on end, getting stronger and stronger before Kaito deployed himself into a new clan named “Hatake's.” He would then tell Yuji about it, wanting his older brother to be a part of it as well, so Yuji did exactly that. From that day on the two were known as “Kaito and Yuji Hatake.” After joining the clan, the two stepped up immensely from criminal activities, now taking part in murders and kidnappings. The two brothers kept doing this for years on, seeming to be engulfed in this type of work. Soon the Hatake family was disbanded but Kaito had a deep connection to the name, so he never removed the Hatake from his name. Yuji later had an idea, the idea was to bring the Yokuto family back to life, he contacted Kaito about it and he jumped right on it alongside his brother. After a few years past of them being involved in gangs and stuff of that matter, Kaito thought he needed a fresh start, so once he turned 23 he moved to Seoul which was located in Korea. This was a whole new environment for Kaito so it did take him some time to adapt, but once he familiarized himself with the area he quickly applied for a job, knowing he was going to need the money to stay in Seoul. After some time passed he would be 25 years old, but something happened in those couple of years he got back into criminal acts, joining a group known as the “Latin Kings” and meeting people he trusts with his life and sees as family now.


Kaito would be a 6 '5 male with a weight of 225lbs. He would have jet-black hair with half of his hair being a red color. He would also have scars covering his entire neck, along with bear-like claw scars going down the side of his face and a rose tattoo going down his right arm.       [ 毛t図 会と]

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