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IGN: xScruby

RP name: Akira Suzuki

Age: 26

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):  Akira Suzuki is a Japanese male, who was born on the 3rd of October 1997 in Kyoto, Japan. Akira stood around a solid height of 6'0, weighing 172 lbs.  He lived with his father for a good chunk of his life. Akira's child hood was quite traumatic for him as he was always involved with crime. He could never get away from it all and saw some pretty gruesome things! By the age of 15, Akira had  moved to Seoul with his brothers; Ren, Kuro and Jordan. 

Akiras' teenage years were slightly better than his childhood. He'd ended up going on holiday to many places across the world such as ; Greece, Spain, France and Russia. Living with his brothers at the time was quite a struggle for Akira as they never got along that well, there would always be arguments over what would happen with all of their incomes, rent and even who they made friends with. By the age of 18, Akira had settled back in Seoul and lived a fixed life, not travelling as much.

Now, for when Akira had turned 20, he had moved out of the house he was staying at with his brothers and decided to make himself a more sort of independent life.  With this independence, he was able to focus more on his income and learning new languages, which obviously helped him out in the long run. The early years of his adulthood life were quite calm and filled with less crime when compared to his younger years. Whether or not he was getting back into crime was a complete new story..

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