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Zekes GHaierhskufh Police?


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IGN: ZekesHairyBalls

Discord: Zeke's Hairy Balls#6370

Age(not required): 18


Why do you want to join the police force? (50 words or more): I just got arrested and I thought it would be pretty cool to do that but on the other side of the law. Its not as fun getting tased as it is to tase other people.


What can you bring to the police force? (50 words or more): I can bring the exaggerated swagger of a black teen as i run around fighting for injustice.


Do you have any past experience in this field?: No


Do you have a Microphone?: one of those pink headests from tesco


Do you know that your rank can be taken off you at any moment?: yes


Why should we accept you over the other applicants?: because I'm based and funny




Characters Name: Silvio J Russo


Age: 18


Why do you want to be apart of the force?(50 or more words): im a deranged lunatic with a need to tase people on the daily


Characters backstory (100 words or more): Italy?


What does your character specialise in?: being a fucking psychopath nutjob


Do you have any questions?: when do i start?


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