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IGN: __sephtis 

RP Name: Libitina Shimotsuki 

Age: 24

Character backstory and description

Desc : Libitina Shimotsuki, a  half Roman - Half Japanese woman who stood around 5'10 with an Italian accent. She'd have a scar on her left eye as well as other scars all around her body. She'd have blackish - brown piercing eyes that looked quite dead, almost as if they've lost shine/spark. 

Libitina Shimotsuki was a half Roman - half Japanese woman. She had blackish - dark brown colored eyes with dark red hair and stood around 5’10. She’d have a scar on her left eye that will later be explained as well as other scars all around her body. Libitina was born in Trevi, Rome on November 7th, 1999 (if in 2023, 2002 if in 2026), with her mother, Athena Procillius. Her father, Yamato Shimotsuki, left to go back to Japan after finding out Libitinas mom was pregnant due to an unknown fact. Due to Libis fathers disappearance, she grew up in Rome with her mother, making Italian her first language.

At a young age, Libi would've been with her mother who would've taught her how to fight in combat. Libi thought nothing of as combat was something most parents taught their daughters for safety in case of an emergency. Athena would've been Libi's best friend who'd she'd tell everything to. Libi talked to her mother about her friends, adventures, boys and even girls. Libi grew up with her mom always being around, Athena was Libi's home. 

When Libi was eighteen, her mother, Athena, had passed away due to the fact her mom was in a shady business that Libi didn’t know about. Considering that Libitina is the name of an ancient Roman goddess of funerals and burial and that her mother taught her combat techniques to keep herself safe, I guess it was kind of obvious that her mom may have been into something shady but she never quite connected the dots till later on in her life after her mom's passing. When Libi’s mom passed away, Libi grew cold and blood hungry for the people who were after her mom especially since her mom meant everything to her. Libi went out on a search when she had turned nineteen to find the gang who executed her mother, as well as on a search for her father, Yamato Shimotsuki. 

Libi would have gone to Madrid, Spain after hearing that the gang that killed her mother had members located in Spain. After some investigating and spying, Libi was able to locate the gang members but because she was naïve, she went to attack out of anger not realizing what she could get herself into. Libi had no weapons on at that moment other than her body while the gang members did. Libi would have gotten a scar on her left eye due to the fact that a higher up in the gang had slashed Libi’s eye with a machete. Luckily it didn't affect her eye too much since before he cut it she closed her eyes in fear although it did damage her vision a bit where it became slightly impaired. By Libi being slashed, she was weakened and was left on the floor due the gang feeling no threat by Libi since she was too full of anger and was unable to think properly meaning no one was truly hurt. Libi was left on the floor as she sobbed trying to figure out what she could have done wrong and how she could have failed her mother by not winning. It was almost like she was able to hear her mothers voice in the back of her head, shaming her for not being what her mother would have wanted her to be. Although Libi's mom didn't tell Libi about her life in a gang or clan, Libi knew that her mom would've wanted her to carry on her legacy. Libi got up, putting her hoodie up to hide her bleeding face as she went to her hotel room to clean her face up. Libi then came to an idea that she needed to go to Japan to get answers from her father.

Libi would’ve traveled to Kyoto, Japan, where she was on the search for her father. It was difficult for Libi to understand what was happening since the only language she truly knew was Italian and a bit of English that foreign students from America would have taught her from when she would have gone to school. Due to this, Libi had a more difficult time trying to understand the Japanese language. Eventually after a year of being in Japan (would’ve been twenty), Libi would’ve found a foreigner who was able to help her and guide her. While being in Japan, Libi would’ve found out her father was a big name on the street but no one truly knew why. There were rumors that he was a huge business man but no one had a real true idea. Because Libi’s father was such a big person in the street, it was easy for her to find her father. When he was found, Libi went up to him and his eyes widened as he saw her since she looked almost identical to her mother. Yamato would’ve hugged Libi in shock and offered her a place to stay which would have been his home. Libi explained everything to her father about how she got the scar on her face and how she even got to Kyoto to begin with. Her father offered to teach her how to use weapons but mostly how to use a katana. Libi agreed excitedly because she was able to get to know her father and he was going to teach her how to use weapons which would be easier in combat. Her father also offered to teach Libi Japanese in order for her to understand what was being told. After three years (twenty-three) of working day and night, Libi would've gotten scars on her body from practicing combat with her father, but it was something Libi didn't mind because she  now knew how to use a katana, speak Japanese and she finally had a bond with her father. Libi got to the state where she knew her father so much that she no longer had questions to ask… Except one. The one question Libi’s father avoided so much was why he left Rome to come back to Japan and why he even left Japan to go to Rome. Late at night Libi would’ve snuck into her fathers important office which she wasn't allowed to be in and snooped around. She soon found out her mother was in a gang and was a higher-up but wanted to let go of that life in order to start a family. Libi's father was in as also in gang… the gang that executed Athena Procillius, Libitina’s mother.  The reason why Libi's father was sent to Rome was because Athena would've been spotted there and Yamato would've been sent there to trick her into think he was in love with her and start a family with her since that was what she wanted. Libi grew infuriated when she found out her father was the one who sent the men to execute her mother let alone have Libi’s whole life be a part of his plan. Libi would’ve busted into tears of anger and hatred, but also sorrow and pain because she thought Yamato was someone she could trust. Libitina picked herself up, grabbing a katana as she walked into her fathers room where she then slashed him to death. Libitina’s knees would have buckled as she fell onto the ground after realizing what she had done. Libi was numbed. She no longer saw the world the same and her heart grew colder than it was before. Libi saw no reason to trust someone other than herself. She would’ve packed her bags, leaving all the evidence of her fathers gang all over the house and would’ve framed her fathers death as something someone else did. Libi ended up running away from her fathers house, still staying in Kyoto even if it was risky. While staying in Kyoto, Libi would’ve met the Suzuki brother whom she grew fond of considering their background with the clan they’re in. The brothers offered Libi to go overseas with them to Seoul and Libi, desperate to leave Kyoto considering that it reminded her too much of her father, complied and agreed. Libi didn’t trust them enough to tell them why she ended up in Kyoto when it was obvious she wasn’t from there but she needed a way out. By the age of twenty-four, they all would have gone to Seoul to live their life in Korea. Ren would have attempted to clean himself up when he realized he had a family. He left the clan in order to become a better man while Kuro stayed in the clan, starting a habit of drinking etc. Their other brother Jordan did who knows what since Libi wasn't that close to him. Libi would’ve somewhat stayed with them because she had no one but also ventured out doing her own stuff since she saw no reason to stay either.

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