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RP Name: 

Imani Adebayo



Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Imani Aerulk Adebayo | Backstory


Imani was born on the 1st of January, 1997. She was born in Polokwane, South Africa to the Aerulk family. She was the youngest of 10 total children, one of the only two children related by blood.


Imani was the youngest child, all the rest were older, and her biological brother was the oldest of the family. Being the youngest, and only girl, she was often the one to get the blame pushed on, and was always the center of her brothers' stupid games. Growing up around boys made her more of the masculine type, she liked most things often associated with masculinity. When Imani was around 6, her brother had just turned 12, and for his birthday, his parents had saved the entire year for an electric guitar, specifically for her brother. Imani always loved music, and thought "hey, if he's gonna get a guitar, maybe I'll get something like that for my birthday!". WRONG. Her mother wasn't too fond of how masculine she'd grown and bought her some fancy, frilly dresses and a necklace, Imani, was absolutely furious. "WHAT THE HECK MUM?"  she'd exclaimed, utterly distraught and confused. Her mother knew she hated dresses at the time, especially how these ones looked, "Why would you guys get me dresses? Why can't I have a guitar like Abul?" she'd complained, her mother simply stating "Honey, guitars aren't for girls! I'm sure you'll love your dresses!". That didn't go too well in Imani's mind, she was utterly distraught.


Year after year, she pleaded with her parents for at least some instrument, but the answer was always no. Eventually, when Imani was around 16, she enrolled in music classes at school. She used school-provided instruments and was decently good at electric guitar. Around the age of 18, Imani decided to move away from home, after finishing school. She explained to her parents she would be moving away to follow her dream; music. Her parents were furious. "THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS NO PLACE FOR WOMEN" was the main argument, although Imani didn't care. "NO DAUGHTER OF MINE SHALL PLAY MUSIC!" her mother cried, "THEN I'M NOT YOUR DAUGHTER" Imani screamed, her mother dropping silent. "Then We'll make that happen. . ." She uttered, "We're disowning you". And that was the last time Imani spoke to her mother.


After moving away from home, Imani decided she wanted to get far, far away from the Aerulks, so she moved to Korea. Imani already spoke Korean, having learned it in her foreign languages class, it was the best fit. She moved into a small apartment by herself, in the bustling city of Seoul. That's where she started her career. When Imani turned 20, she released her first album, "A.D.D.I.C.T", which was an album based on her struggles with her family, and her love for music gave her the nickname in her family "Music addict". Around age 22, she started playing small gigs for music concerts around Korea, growing her popularity as an artist. Eventually around 24, Imani decided to adopt the last name 'Adebayo', and went by the stage name 'MuDi'. Her career in music finally started, creating multiple songs and albums. In her time she had multiple signing offers, although turned them down, as she wanted to create music freely. So, around 26, Imani finally achieved her goal in life, Music.


Imani Aerulki Adebayo | Description


Before you would stand a 5'6, South African woman. She had an hourglass figure, weighing around 122 lbs. She had thick legs, being a little on the chubby side. Her skin was dark brown, with maroon eyes. Her hair had been dyed a dark reddish color, the roots still black. Her hair was long, with coils all around. She had a sweet smile. A faint smell of sugary caramel. Although her sweet style, she was very. . . rough? She was always talking and making joking comments to people. despite this, she still kept respectable, and kind.

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