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Language you want:



How did the character adopt the language?:

Kyo when she was younger wanted to learn all kinds of languages but the one that stood out to her was the Japanese Language and since her father is Japanese while her Mother is Korean they moved to Seoul before she was born so she didn’t get the chance to learn Japanese. When she grew older she wanted to speak Japanese because it was a way she could speak to her relatives who lived in Japan she desperately wanted to learn it so at the age of 5 she started to learn the language  via her father teaching her she struggled at first speaking and such but she overcame it and as she grew and grew the more she spoke Japanese to her father and when she called her relatives she would speak Japanese to them too.

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I changed my mind for Spanish
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Yeah, well guess what. I am reviewing this not cujo, sucks to suck!.. Anyways, back to the application. Like i have said with the other application, you haven't really gone in depth with how the character has learnt it. Saying that she 'struggled' isn't really enough. Also, I would go into detail on how the father teached Kyo on learning Japanese.

The application is Decent itself, but too much flaws in it. I also recommend next time when we release OUR format for the language applications, that you use it. And not possibly get this off another website, or just.. somehow got it. You may re-apply whenever you want.

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