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FireHawk's KSL Application

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IGN(In Game Name):

What Language are you applying for?: 
KSL (Korean Sign Language)

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): 
Hye-Jin Lee became acquainted with this sign language when she entered primary school. As a second language turned away from English and instead to sign language. During her school years she began to use hand signs in the lessons in order to make herself understood in the basics, she had several teachers who taught her more about the language in general. She became more familiar with this language over time and didn't even have to move her own lips for any word. There was a silent conversation between her and other sign-speaking classmates. As she got older she was enrolled in a secondary school where she would then train to become a nurse. She got into a real sign language course which added more hours a week for her to learn, she progressed with her knowledge rather than the language. She managed to learn the language within a few years and still uses it in the clinic today as a higher up and clinical lead.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: 
It would fulfill a needed task because it is desirable to have KSL as a language in the EMS, so that I can possibly communicate with other people and communicate in any way in this language.

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