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Poisonedpharmacy | Language Application

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What Language are you applying for?:
KSL | Korean Sign Language

How did your character learn the language?:
Hilo Sharma, firstly growing up in Mysore, India wasn't exposed to much culture other than his own. Learning Hindi for the first few years of his life, he then went on exploring, having his heart set on moving to Japan he then focused on the language itself. Breaking down the language, he moved on to culture and moved within his early teens to become a Surgeon at Japan’s finest Hospital. As the years passed and Hilo started to stray from Japan, he focused on moving somewhere with a fluent culture, one that strained and worked hard for its earnings. After much research, Hilo found a Korean Hospital which he then found was in the wealthiest place of culture, that being Seoul. As the year went on, Hilo did a deep-dive as he did in his teens, applying and finally getting an offer from the Hospital he finally fanaticized of. Taking into account, he only knew a good amount of the Korean language, Hilo took it upon himself to study KSL to better his environment and a better understanding of citizens within Seoul. As he took overnight classes within his little apartment in uptown Japan, for what seemed to be years were only 5 months.  In that short period of time, his understanding of the Korean Language and sign language became more fluent. As he finally had a decent understanding of Korean, KSL moved to his new home in Korea and started unpacking his new life. Going out on the streets, exploring he found a 5-day-overnight KSL/Korean underground class, going to the class for the next five days he had an authentic experience. Hilo felt comfortable, knowing the languages, and being able to communicate with any/all citizens that came into the Hospital or in his general area. 

How does this benefit your character’s roleplay?:
My character, Hilo Sharma will be a Surgical Clinical Lead at Seoul Emergency Hospital. He will need to know KSL to properly communicate with citizens or co-workers, especially if someone needs a translator. If granted acceptance, Hilo can assist with any conversation given to him in the situation of a deaf or non-verbal person. Furthermore, Hilo Sharma will not only use this language to communicate with citizens in Seoul but as well to simply be ready for anything coming his way.  

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