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Adult Application



RP Name: 

Mal-Chin Ahn



Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Mal-Chin Ahn is a young, Korean male who stands at roughly 5'6. 5'7, if it's a good day. He has a lean, mesomorphic body, built up with toned muscles from running around all the time. His hair is long, reaching just past his shoulders, and falling in loose waves. Color-wise, it's a dark, ebony brown, and ungodly thick. His eyes are a muddy, hazel mixture, and the gaze that follows them is gentle and welcoming. Mal has skin that's relatively tan, with olive-y undertones, and a few beauty marks scattered about! His ears are pierced, but it's rare that he has anything in.

Mal-Chin Ahn was born in Seoul, Korea, on April twelfth. He was born to his two parents, Ha-Rin Choi, and Kyubok Ahn, and born to a quasi-happy family! As a child, his mother was home most of the time, as she wanted to spend as much time as possible with her son. This led to the two having a close bond, which continues to this day! Mal-Chin was an exceptional child, catching onto things very quickly. Whether it was learning to speak, to read, or even basic math! He hit each milestone rather quickly, meeting them on time, if not a little early.

His mother went back to work just as he started school. His parents worked hard to put him into a good school system, where he absolutely thrived. He had teachers that would work with him, and he made good grades. When he was at the tail end of his childhood, his mother gave birth to another son, his dear brother Ishya! She, once again, stayed home, wanting to bond more with her youngest, and her oldest. Mal-Chin had an immediate bond with his younger brother, absolutely adoring him. He'd always volunteer to watch him, and volunteer to go do things! It's a lifelong bond that they have.

Once Mal-Chin entered his middle years, he was immediately drawn to his school's Sports Club. He was drawn to the other members, and all the fun games they'd play! He was especially drawn towards volleyball, and once he was a teen, he joined his school's team! He played as a middle blocker, as he was able to jump up high, and easily block the ball with his hands! And yet, one day he managed to break his arm! He'd managed to land the wrong way during a game, and was immediately taken to the hospital. This trip, while insanely terrifying, sparked something in him. The way the hospital staff treated and cared for him made him want to do the same! And so, he started to focus more in class, and now played to keep his health up.

Mal graduated school with incredibly high grades, and was accepted into a lovely Medical school! There, he studied and studied, and eventually graduated with double majors in Nursing Science and Biology, and a minor in Psychology. He then proceeded to have two years of residency, and worked within Haeundae Bumin Hospital! This, however, only lasted so long. He eventually moved back to Seoul, where his parents had just split up. It was over his father's opinion's on his occupation, but that's for another story. His mother moved away, and Mal-Chin took on his brother. The two now live in Seoul together, in a shared apartment!


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