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Pandoja's KSL app!

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IGN(In Game Name):  Pandoja

What Language are you applying for?: KSL

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters): 
I would say that, Armani picked up learning Korean sign language when he was on his plane being transferred  to Seoul to work. his plane ride being long he had decided to pick up learning KSL to better communicate  with people who are unable to speak, or are deaf! He  watched videos of the basic  hand signs through Rosetta Stone. He also learned Medical  hand signals through watching  KSL videos  uploaded by doctors  on  youtube and as well as Duolingo for more in depth conversation. He Would have watched other videos on youtube to learn slang as well so that he can understand youth more so he can treat and care for  them better if  they need to speak in a way they didnt want their parents to know too much about whats going on for their privacy.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:
It helps my character be able to communicate with characters that are non-verbal or if a convo is meant to be kept quiet due to a patient being scared or  wanting  even deeper privacy, it can be given. it would open more options for my character to really be able to fully connect with those around him fully. 

(Note: if i have to lose a language  if i cant have 3 ill trade away spanish)

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