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sleepiibee | KSL Language Application

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IGN(In Game Name):



What Language are you applying for?:

KSL (Korean Sign Language)


How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):

Mal-Chin Ahn was born in Seoul, South Korea, two his two lovely parents. While living in the big city, he was exposed to various different people and groups. There were people like him, born there in the city. People who had moved here from smaller towns, and even foreigners! Many different languages surrounded him as a boy, and he even took to trying to learn some of them! Even if, inevitably, he failed. As he grew, so did his awareness to those around him. After an unfortunate incident in his early teen years, he ended up in the hospital with a broken arm. And there, he discovered the career path he wanted to go down: Nursing! He did all he could while in school to guarantee his position later in life. But one subject had always stumped him. .

Languages. Foreign, and native.

You see, his school had each student take a foreign language class. And while he was excited, he just didn't know what to pick! He knew he needed to pick something that would happen to help him in the future, but what on Earth could that be? One  day, while reviewing the selections, one caught his eye. KSL, Korean Sign Language. He lived in Seoul, a giant city in South Korea. Korea. As said before, his awareness of the world around him was growing. He knew that there would be a large population of those he encountered that were either deaf, or on the hard of hearing spectrum. And he wanted to be able to properly communicate with them as he helped them! And so, he took KSL as his foreign language.

Now, it took a lot of studying for him to effectively understand the language. It is an unlearned language, after all! But, he persisted. He worked hard to understand, using various forms of flashcards, videos, and even workbooks! And while he was very good at learning, that'd always been one of his specialties, it was still difficult. He struggled. . A lot. There were times memorizing the motions was difficult, and times some didn't even stick! But he persisted, he was determined! By the time he was moving on to University, he'd passed his classes with high scores. And while he learned his Medical majors and minor, he still took classes!

To this day, Mal-Chin understands the language very well. He knows most motions like the back of his hand, and effectively communicates with those around him, who speak the language!


How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:

Mal-Chin is a very social character! He enjoys being able to speak to those around him. That being said, having this language to use would help expand his communication ICly. He'd be able to speak with those who are deaf, or hard of hearing. This could lead to some lifelong bonds for him, and make roleplaying as him much more enjoyable!

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