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TazRp Spanish app

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Language you are currently applying for:

How does your character know this language?:
Oscar was born in Mexico where later at the early age of one moved into the United States to Chicago for almost his whole life he lived with  his Hispanic family  always having them teaching him how to speak spanish so he could speak to his grandparents it took him a while to fully learn due to being in the United States he learned and be accustomed to speaking English . But luckily most of his family would speak to him in  Spanish also giving him flash card games in  the language till the age of 13 now him no being able to somewhat speak the languages fluently. As the years went by Oscar went to college to study to be a gym professor taking up 1 language class for his side classes making it Spanish

due to him to wanting to further his knowledge and to be able to speak it fluently for his mom and family who struggle with English.

how does this benefit your character?:it would benefit  my character out alot since he is hispanic  runs a latino gang meaning all his members will be latino and speaking spanish.

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