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TrapstarRp - KSL ( Korean Sign Language ) Application

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IGN(In Game Name): SellingRp

What language are you applying for?: KSL

How did your character learn the language?:   

Marcos Campos grew up in Chicago where gang violence was active and living in the streets was normal. He was the odd one out of his family though, he was teased for his good grades, treating people from the opposite side with respect, and how he talked formally instead of using slang. He was teased around by his family members but knew he was the one that would eventually get out of the hood when nobody else will. He lived in the South Side with his Grandma, she was strict on him about his grades making sure they were the best they could be. His Grandma made sure to comfort him when needed though making sure to not listen to his other family about how different he is and giving him small pep talks about how he's gonna make it out and live a good life. He was top of his class graduating with honors from sleepless nights and skipping parties. He got offered a one in a lifetime opportunity to go to Seoul National University for a paid off scholarship with a good medical program. Though he was foreign and not from Korea he was determined to do it. The downside was that he'd need to learn Korean and quickly. Using different online apps to learn Korean and different pronouciations he caught on quickly with text to speach and flashcards. With little problems from his friends help and the push from his Grandma he quickly learned it after a few months. After a break from school he decided to fly over making sure to stay up to date with his Korean language where he was able to study at the Seoul National University getting into a good medical program. When he was there he would study life skills, CPR, wound treatment and more throughout the years. Though he was foreign he made a lot of good friends and decided to rest down there where he lived in his dorms eventually renting out his own place a quick walk away. Once he was done with schooling he'd take a break for another few months where he took time to visit family back in Chicago where he was congratulated on his success even if they were so hard on him. He took his flights to finally come to his apartment making himself aquanted to the situation of not having his family. He took applications at the local hospitals he lived near where his name was rather popular from the connections he had through friends. He landed the job as a Paramedic where he was told that he would need to start taking Korean Sign Lanuage which would be paid off for by the hospital. He got his own personalized tutor where she ran him through each of he steps through Korean to make the experience much easier on him. He learned through flashcards and watching the tutor after months. He had a hard time but would take the time to study at home to help himself on the things he was failing in. After long months he learned the language and was able to work full time as an EMT.

How does this benefit your characters roleplay?: 

This benefits my character to be able to talk to victims on scene of injuries if they're death/mute while administering medical aid, as well as on a day to day basis.

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