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IGN: KnotKatz
RP Name: Marisabela Campos
Age: 30
Character backstory and description (over 200 words):  Marisabela is a Hispanic Woman from Chicago who used to run around with her siblings in the deep part of south side Chicago as she one day met a man named Oscar at 18 yr old he would be with her they would do everything with each other spending almost everyday with each other where she was introduced to another world a world her brothers and the males of her family would live in , being shown this truth she would be shock with what they go through joining Oscar in the Latin Kings adapting to the name Queen Mary diving into the criminal world under this name at a young age most people wouldn't take her seriously making her jobs go by smoothly since everyone underestimated her and never took her seriously leaving them in shock when she would take them out or pull out a smooth job as she kept going the Latin kings reputation grew bigger and bigger till they hit the world wife stage as cops started cracking down on crews under LK they would make a plan to leave the country like their family once did leaving Mexico to go to Chicago they would instead go Seoul where they would settle down to live a new life creating a new crew of Latin Kings along side Oscar in Seoul.


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