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Katz | English Application

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IGN(In Game Name):  KnotKatz

What Language are you applying for?: English

 How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):  Marisabela first learned Spanish before learning English. After she got familiarized with Spanish, She would already been slightly beginner with English due to her mother only being able to speak English. Marisabela while away from her grandparents would speak English and watch shows with her mom in English where she started to pick up English words more besides from her mother. As soon as Marisabela entered elementary, She was fully introduced English by her teachers by doing ABC’s, flash cards, speaking to her classmates in English, reading books in English and doing school work or Homework in English. The more she stayed in school she learned how to familiarize herself not just with Spanish but also English. 

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: It benefits the realistic features of my character not being originally born in Japan 

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