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Katz | Spanish Application

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IGN(In Game Name):  KnotKatz

What Language are you applying for?:  Spanish

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):  Marisabela, Grew up in a mostly Hispanic family besides her mother being black. When she grew up, She stuck around her grandmother and great grandmother on her fathers side. She got to learn Spanish as her first language through them as they would teach her punctuation, corrections on writing, using flash cards and even putting the tv in Spanish (mainly Dora) so Marisabela got to familiarize herself with Spanish. As Marisabela grew up, she kept using Spanish with her peers, her father, and grand mothers. After years of mainly speaking Spanish, she was fluent in it.


How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:  this brings the realistic sense into my character due to the fact she was not born in Japan and has two ways of speaking due to her family race 

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