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IGN: luvochi

RPNAME: Yejun T. Ukiyo

AGE: 28

Yejun was born September 18th in Incheon, South Korea. Her birth name is Yejun Gia Akuma. They were born as a twin, the other being Soomin Ukiyo. After birth, Yejun and Soomin were given up for adoption. At the age of 15, Ryuu and Miki Tashiro adopted Yejun, but left Soomin behind. Ryuu raised Yejun to be a part of a Japanese Yakuza, which she has become the Lieutenant of. She now has two twin children, Jiyoung and Seohyun Ukiyo and has reconnected with her twin; all whilst bringing together a new family. She is also the legal guardian of Sumire Ukiyo. Yejun is closest to her younger sister, whom she has also legally became the guardian of, Yubi Ukiyo. She is now in a happy and healthy relationship with Hyousuke Murakami, who is coincidentally one of her subordinates. During Yejun's high school years, she was very cheerful and bubbly. She had quite the number of friends and was well known among her peers. Throughout the years, Yejun has matured into an intimidating person. She constantly has an eerie vibe, unless you're close to her. In secret, she is very cuddly, and again, cheerful. Though she is quite scary looking, Yejun is a mother-figure to a good number of children and teens. She has a soft spot for those younger than her and will ofter go into "mother bear mode," even for those who aren't biologically her own. She is very passionate when it comes to family and her work. She'd do absolutely anything for her children, even if it costs her own life. She's very possessive over her family and her boyfriend and would quite literally kill for them. Although Yejun seems normal, she isn't completely. . . sane. Often, she'll break items (or limbs. . .) when she's upset or angry.

Yejun stood at 165cm, or 5’5. She had pink and black split-dyed hair styled in a wolfcut about shoulder-length. Yejun had countless marks that covered her body, but the most obvious was the scar that laid vertical across her right eye. Tattoos of pink roses wrapped around both arms and her left leg.

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