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IGN: AngelicRP
RP Name: Yu-Jin Lee
Age:  26
Character backstory and description (over 200 words):
Xinyan had a relatively happy childhood, Her parents fascinated over her, she was abnormally beautiful. Her posture was elegant and fixed since a child, her hair was always kept long and shiny, Xinyan had HATED to be unclean. She had showered twice a day, once in the morning and once in the night. Her eyes were black and instead of looking dull, they shined with life and glittered in the sun. Her skin was soft and plump. Her parents had thought she was in her prime at an early age, but that was just the beginning as she would grow even prettier. she had happy parents and she had lovely siblings. Her father, Jun-woo had a business offering in Japan, so Yu-Jin went along with him. As she learned Japanese using flash card’s, she stopped speaking Korean, causing her to forget most of the language. Coming out as gender fluid her parents renamed Yu-Jin, and so the name Xinyan was left behind. The new child, Yu-Jin had kept her amazing posture, she walked swiftly with much elegance, she had short black hair with cleanly cut ends that shined magnificently. Her eyes were the same, but seemed even more full of life. Her skin was still soft and plump, she was beautifully pale, but not unhealthily. Her dark coloured clothes would often hug her hourglass body. Her fingers were long and slim. A small silver ring with a black stone set on it sat glittering, it looked like her. She had went to a Japanese school and graduated with Majors in culinary arts and Professional cooking and Minors in Food science, Nutrition and Health care administration.  When she had turned 22, she had decided to move to France, where she had learnt the language using flash cards, with much difficulty she had succeeded after a year awhile before her birthday. She had opened a little cafe in France, at first it was a small cafe but had soon become bustling with customers. Over the course of her job, she had met Koreans and decided she had wanted to go back home, she talked with the Korean females and they agreed to help her learn Korean again, hours at the library learning Korean, days at the cafe talking to people who knew the language and flash cards at home, she had finally managed to relive her language. Holding a little ceremony, she had passed on ownership to her co-worker that she had built a sister and brother relationship with, she had set off to Korea, reuniting with her family.
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