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Spanish Language Application | PIZA_OP

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IGN(In Game Name):

What Language are you applying for?:
Spanish Language

How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):
My character, Kallyope Sánchez, was born in Spain in a small town nearby Barcelona. Her mother, Maria, spent most of her time teaching her kids and so Kallyope about Spain's language with little fun mind games; they would have small tournaments with Spanish words being hidden in codes as they would have to think and raise their hand trying to memorize the word and say it, Kallyope was good at that game and started to easily and quickly learn their native language. The other game they would do is they would go out around town. When Maria pointed at a building, structure, plant, vehicle or animal, they would need to both say the names of the thing Maria pointed at, at the same time, which proved efficient in Kallyope's learning of the language. Kallyope Sánchez and her siblings didn't only do mind games with her mother; they also walked around town themselves at an older age, helping the town citizens with small jobs to not only earn money for their family but also to learn some new words, they quickly gained trust by people all over the town, and so when they asked if they could teach them some things such as agriculture, work and most of all language, they agreed. Although the family was poor, they still were able to have Kallyope and other of her siblings taught in school, they learned math, geography and mostly Spanish language, Kallyope had good grades in Spanish subject in her early and older years, and she'd finish school with a B grade which was an excellent grade with few errors in her grammar. With knowing the people all around the town, the Sánchez family attended many meetings and events by people across the whole city, able to communicate more with them by some new words in their conversation.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:
Kallyope originates from majority Spanish family that lives in Seoul so it would make sense if Kallyope was able to communicate with her family since she belongs from Spain, she went to school in Spain where she studied and learned the Spanish language. It would also allow her to communicate with other Spanish biological or speaking people residing in Seoul and some even in her workplace possibly.

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