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BlossomRp's Vice-Dean Application


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OOC Information

❀ Lotus ❀#5332

Born June 20th, 2003

Time Zone and Country
Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST)
United States (USA)

None, and I plan to keep it that way.

Activity on the server
My activity on the server will be a solid 8-9 out of 10 when it comes out. I only have two things that would cause me to become inactive, one of which is my online college classes. Though, those classes are only required to be worked on for at least 3-6 hours a week and I am able to complete the modules whenever. The second instance I would be inactive is my 3–5 day long break that I take once a month from the internet as a detox. 

Working microphone
Yes, I do have a working microphone and I am comfortable in vcs. I love meeting new people and having conversations with them, helping them through anything they may need.

Position applying for
I am applying for the position of Vice-Dean! I wish to be a valued part of Seoul's SLT team, being there to help faculty and students with whatever they may need. As well as being an inclusive part of their roleplays!

Motivation for applying
My motivation for applying is pretty simple. I have been a part of roleplay since I was a little girl, within communities outside of Minecraft. Within Minecraft, I have been a part of roleplay since it was plots on every creative server I could find. On one server, I created a school roleplay myself with a city. I built all the buildings and decorated their interiors. Usually, the owner of the plot would need to take on the role of faculty due to the people showing up wanting to experience it as students. It was a job I enjoyed, being various faculty members, the teacher for each subject, the chef during lunch break and the nurse if anyone got hurt. I even played the principal in some situations, fake 'expelling' students since there was no roles or plugins like Seoul. Now in my current roleplay, I have been part of many communities, taking on roles such as head of families, gangs, communities. I was part of businesses as cashiers, management and even the co-owner or owner. I was on teams such as event, building and creating some lore. I have a wide variety of experience within roleplay, and it is something I love. Creating new characters, their looks, personalities and growing attached as they develop. It's a creativity I wouldn't give up. My motivation for applying for this position is simple, I'd love it. I would put time and dedication into this role, giving my all towards helping everyone grow with their roleplay just as I did.

IC Information


Full Name
"My full name is In-Su Eun Dokgo!"

Preferred Title
"You can call me Mr. Dokgo but I prefer just the informal In-Su!"

"I am currently 32 years old!"

Date of Birth
"I was born on April 26th, 1994!"

"I am currently questioning my gender, but I am leaning towards non-binary!"

"My pronouns are He/They!"

"My nationality is Korean."

"My current languages is as listed below! My native language is underlined."

Marital Status
"I am in a relationship with my wonderful boyfriend."

Religious Domination
"I am not religious, but I accept everyone's beliefs!"

"I would like to describe myself as very bubbly and understanding. I have a soft heart, one that is open to anyone and everyone, despite who they may be or what their actions show. I love things that may be seen as childish such as the color pink and Hello Kitty, but I believe it brings me closer to the students! Being able to relate to their likes. I like to show my love for my job by handing out candy or treats during the day as I walk the halls, to both students and faculty!"




Growing up as a young boy, In-Su's mother was the school nurse. He would always visit the nurses' office during passing periods, lunch and after school to assist his mother in whatever she may need. In-Su didn't have many friends, he was a quiet kid who enjoyed the more feminine themed toys, tv shows, etc. He was bullied quite a lot growing up, which led to him practically hiding in the nurse office with his mother. It was his safe space. Though, none of this ever diminished his dream to help people, even those who couldn't care less about his own life. Graduating high school with an honors diploma, In-Su decided he would follow his mother's footsteps and study nursing. He majored in the science of nursing and minored in psychology so he could have a better relationship and understanding of his patients. In-Su, being the more quiet, reserved kid, didn't party much. He stayed in and focused on his studies which caused him to graduate with a 4.2 GPA and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing diploma. Not long after graduating, he decided to look for a job to start off his career. He heard about a school in Japan from a friend who worked as a receptionist and decided to shoot his shot. He moved to Japan in 2016, freshly graduated. In-Su worked as a school nurse, just like his mother, in Japan for four years. He loved meeting all the students and did his best every day to be an icon for them, a support system, no matter what stage they were in in life. In-Su also met his first love, Eli. They bought their own apartment tower floor and continued their lives together. Though, after four years, In-Su began to miss his home country and had a longing for something different. Being a part of Japan schooling, he noticed an absence of SLT. He and his colleges often handled the situations that were deemed for SLT. Though, In-Su didn't mind the extra work, for his role was to help people as a nurse. It was just non-medical help. He found a calling for helping students in this way and decided to leave his job as a Nurse to go back to school in 2020. In-Su went back to his college in Korea, working as in a clinic as a nurse as he earned his EdD in education after 6 years. In-Su went to look for work as a Dean/Vice-Dean to finally fulfill his goal at helping students.


Acedemic Degree
Bachelor's Degree

Science in Nursing



Seoul National University

Acedemic Degree
EdD, Doctoral of Education




Seoul National University

Previous Work Experience

School Nurse

Begin Date

End Date

Reason for Leave
In-Su left his job as a school nurse in Japan to go back to college and earn his EdD in Education.

Clinic Nurse

Begin Date

End Date

Reason for Leave
In-Su finished his EdD in Education and started to look for work in his new position.


You see a physical altercation break out in the hallway between two students. How does your character react?
In-Su would calmly approach the scene, a gentle smile on his face as he raised his voice just under a yell to say, "Let's all separate now, shall we?" He would wait for the students to stop their altercation before giving them a stern talking to. He would begin by explaining how fighting does not resolve situations but makes them worse and hurts people in the process. In-Su would proceed with handing each student that was physical with another, a detention slip, before suggesting no more of this behavior unless they want further punishment. In-Su would finish this situation by directing each student towards the nurse office so they can get a check-up on their injuries. 

A student is called down to your office for verbally harassing faculty on a daily basis. How does your character react?
In-Su would be sitting at his desk, welcoming the student to sit in the open seat before him. In-Su would begin by pushing a jar of lollipops towards the student as an offering, a soft smile to his lips. He's expecting the student to be tense, maybe not willing to be as open unless In-Su shows the student he is there to listen. In-Su would begin the conversation by asking the student's name and something they enjoy. He would stand, walking towards a shelf as the student spoke before looking back towards the student. He would then ask them why they thought this behavior was alright. He would tie his question to the faculty, saying they are people as well with likes and dislikes. He would say, "And I bet they dislike being called names while they are trying to do their jobs, no?" In-Su would listen to their explanation to this claim he has and continue by explaining how this behavior isn't appropriate for a student at Seoul Academy. Leaning on the fact that this student would have already gotten a detention, otherwise they wouldn't be in his office, In-Su would calmly warn the student not to continue this behavior. For the faculty are people to and they should be treated as such. In-Su would sit back at his desk, giving the student a soft smile before asking if they understood what he was saying and then. dismiss them back to class.

A faculty member is rumored to be breaking the rules and is called down to your office. How does your character react?
In-Su would gesture for them to take a seat as he gave them a soft smile, once again offering his jar of candy. He himself would have a lollipop hanging out of his mouth.  In-Su would begin by being straightforward, due to them both being adults. He would lay out the claims against the faculty member and let them share their side to these accusations, for no matter how flat you make a pancake, there is always two sides. In-Su would listen to their claims and offer a solution. Depending on the case, usually an apology from both side is satisfactory. If the rules broken are to a bigger extent, In-Su would grant the given punishment, starting with a verbal warning. Any further or fighting back would result in a larger form of punishment such as a roster warning. Three of those and it will be a removal from the faction. He would encourage the faculty to stay focused on their job and remain mature in situations that may raise some negative emotions. In-Su would smile at them before letting them off, back to work, but keeping a close eye on them for the next said number of days.

A faculty member has called your character down to the detention room to deal with a student who is not currently listening to faculty. How does your character react?
In-Su would enter the detention room, approaching the faculty member who has called them down and ask for a brief explanation as to why the student has detention and what they are doing to act out. In-Su would then proceed to the student's desk, bending down in front of the desk so he would be eye-level with the student. He would ask then what the problem may be and why they are not listening to the faculty, completing his task or sitting quietly. He would listen to the student's claims, usually it being the detention was false. In-Su would nod and stand, before telling the student that he personally would look into it, but for the time being, please complete the task or do as they say. In-Su would step back out of their range and radio for the faculty who has given the detention, figuring out exactly what happened that led to this scenario. Most of the time, the detentions are warranted, and the student is just upset with the outcome of their own actions. If this was the cause, In-Su would proceed to the student's desk and take the time to explain to them why their behavior caused this outcome, how the student didn't follow the rules put into place to keep Seoul Academy a safe and educational place for the student and faculty. Most of the time, the student just needs someone to hear them and explain to them, instead of being talked down to or overlooked. Once the student has calmed down, In-Su would remain at their desk to see if they needed any additional help with their task and check it himself in the end. 


In-Su is sitting at his desk working on his computer when a student approaches the door, asking for assistance.
/me would look up at the student with a soft smile to his lips before saying, "Hey, kiddo. What can I help you with today?" In-Su would move the lollipop that was in his mouth to the other cheek as he waited for the student to answer. 
The student would answer by saying they want to make a suggestion to the school.

/me says "Oh, I see. You want to make a suggestion for the school? What may that be, kiddo?" His smile grew larger, In-Su loved when student made suggestions to make the school a better place. In-Su would gesture to the seat in front of him for the student to sit down before closing the lid to his laptop to give the student his full attention. 
The student began to explain their suggestion to In-Su.

/me listened closely to the student, nodding along as he thought about what they said. In-Su would re-open his computer, pulling up a word document so he could write down some notes. "I see! That sounds like an excellent idea. I love how much thought you have put into this. How about you come back tomorrow afternoon after I speak with the faculty about this idea? You could help me put it into place." 

In-Su is taking a round through the halls, looking for anyone who may need help or for any trouble. Coming across the nurse's office, In-Su would see that only one was on duty and there were several students inside.
/me would open the door, taking a step in, a large smile to his face. "Hello, Ms. Jhuna. How about I give you some assistance? I can get the kids in and out while you just focus on their treatment?" 
The nurse, Ms. Jhuna, would smile and nod, thanking In-Su for his help. She would update him on the current student's injuries and who was ready to leave.

/me would nod towards Ms. Jhuna before going over to the appropriate bed she has instructed, smiling at the student. "Hey, kiddo! You seem to be good to go. Do you need anything before I let you out? How about a treat? I have a wide variety!" In-Su would offer the student a treat from his selection of ice creams, fruits and drinks, he himself having a lollipop between his lips.
The student would thank In-Su, choosing a popsicle as they stood.
/me would pull out a fresh popsicle, handing it over to the student. "Here you go! Now, would you kindly follow me out?" In-Su asked as he began to walk towards the entrance of the nurse's office.
The student would leave, thanking In-Su once again.
/me would give the student a big smile before closing the door behind them and making his way to the front desk, getting ready for the next student that he would ask their injuries and let inside for Ms. Jhuna to treat.

In-Su would be walking down the hall when a student approaches, handing him a flyer.
/me would smile as the student approached him, looking down at the flyer that was placed in his hands. "Oh, wow! A football game! Are you playing in this game, Ms. Ryder?" In-Su would ask in delight as he looked back up at the student.
The student would nod, saying what position they were playing.

/me would gently fold up the flyer before placing it in his wallet as he said, "I'll be sure to attend! Wouldn't want to miss it. I'll also make sure to bring some cookies for after, how does that sound?" 
The student smiled and thanked In-Su before running off.

/me would pull out his phone and type away, sending a text to his partner to go buy some sugar from the store so he can bake the cookies before the game, a soft smile to his lips.


Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive, you will be demoted?
I do acknowledge that inactivity will lead to my demotion of this role. I will strive to be an SLT of good activity, one that everyone can count on for their everyday needs on the server.

Do you acknowledge that if you use an unbiased opinion with your judgement, you will be demoted?
Yes, I acknowledge and will uphold unbiased and fair judgement with my decisions both icly and oocly. I will keep my personal opinions on matters to myself and uphold the standard that is necessary for the situation.

Do you acknowledge that you are to keep a level-head during scenarios that may challenge you?
I do acknowledge the need to keep a level-head. I will remain an SLT that is one of fun, kindness and open-mindedness. My role is to create a safe place for both faculty and students to create imaginative roleplays.

Do you acknowledge that a good reputation is to be maintained on the server?
I do acknowledge this. I will keep my reputation in a clean light, doing nothing that would harm said reputation. I will stray from breaking any rules set on the server to avoid warnings and/or bans.

Thank you for reading ♡


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I have to announce that your application is denied due to lack of uniqueness, character design, and background history. Feel free to apply again after 30 days.

possum#0006 for any questions.

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