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ignsuggestions's adult application

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IGN: ignsuggestions

RPNAME: Montaro Kearney

AGE: 27


Description - Montaro Kearney would be a male who looked to be in their mid-twenty’s. Standing at 6'0ft, they’d have a chill, comforting voice and a cold smile whenever they talk. What makes Montaro more unique than others is their personality and the way they handle certain situations. They’re usually calm and collected on an everyday basis and even in the most stressful situations. In a rare occurrence if he’s ever in a very stressful situation, he’ll become irritable and may even be strict or raise his voice at times.

Backstory: Montaro Kearney was very smart and hardworking while he grew up. He were born in Karakura. Montaro was living the life he always wanted to live in Karakura. Montaro attended public school, getting decent grades in all of his classes. He also started to become one of the great students in his grade. While growing up, Montaro struggled with getting along with the other students. Montaro had a lot of trouble making friends while growing up due to the fact that he were an introvert.

Montaro continued to be one of the greatest roll students to make sure he succeeded in his classes and in his life. In his high school years, Montaro decided to start a career as a Business Man since it was his dream job. Due to the amount of stress he had suffered over the years, He wanted to start being a Business Man to show that he could be whatever he wanted due to what happened in his recent years of life while he were growing up. Montaro graduated the less top of their class, but he did received few scholarships to attend Karakura University in order to pursue their career to be a Business Man.

Three years later, He quits college life due to the much amount of stress and overworking, He decided it was time to leave Karakura. After looking for a good place to live Montaro decided to move to Korea, where it seemed to be a city with a lot of people with different ethnicity and cultures, and lived there for the rest of his life.


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I'm a builder I do buildings and other things

Any further questions ask me through Discord breadd#8545

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