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Zoey159 | KSL Language Application


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IGN(In Game Name):

What Language are you applying for?:
KSL (Korean Sign Language)


How did your character learn the language? (100+ Characters):
Blaire Adler was born in Mittenwald, Germany, to their parents Erika and Archie. After an unfortunate split, their mother moved herself, and her two children, to Seoul. She'd gotten a job offer she simply couldn't refuse, and thought the change of scenery, and sudden influx of varying cultures could be very good for the children. Blaire was two when the family had moved, and their mother was right--The move had been the right decision! Blaire was fascinated with everything they saw and got to witness, even at their young age!

Two years later, when Blaire was roughly four, their mother mother deemed them ready for Korean lessons. Blaire wasn't ready for school yet, but their mother wanted them to be able to communicate with teachers and peers. And thus, Blaire, and their brother, were pushed into language lessons. Blaire was still young, and so learning this new language wasn't much of a difficulty for them. By the time they were school-aged, Blaire could easily work through the language!

Their younger years of school are mostly a blur to them now, but they seemed to pass through fine! Once they were in their middle years, school started to change a bit. Blaire was introduced to more people, and their eyes really opened to the world around them! They discovered that not everybody was as fortunate with communication as they were, and they wanted to help change that. They wanted to learn KSL, so that they could have a chance to better work with everybody around them! Blaire begged and begged their mother to pay for lessons, and eventually, she agreed! Blaire started to work with a language teacher outside of school, the two working with this language. Outside of lessons, Blaire used flashcards and workbooks to help continue their studies, and even watched videos of online teachers! There were, of course, times where it wasn't easy for Blaire. Some motions just didn't stick! But, they persisted! By the time they'd entered their teen years, Blaire was using this language to their fullest potential. They could understand it thoroughly!

Today, Blaire still uses this language! Blaire can be awfully chatty, and so this has been their biggest tool yet.

How does this benefit your character's roleplay?:

As I sort of explained above, Blaire can be SUPER chatty! Like, there are times they won't shut up. And so, being able to have this language unlocked would help better the roleplaying experience. Blaire would be able to communicate with more people, and maybe even make lifelong bonds!

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