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IGN(In Game Name):



What Language are you applying for?:

Korean Sign Language 


How did your character learn the language? (3003 Characters):

Atlas was put in an orphanage called the "Hitori Janai Orphanage" on the mainland of Japan when he was only a few weeks old. However, between the time he was born and arriving at the orphanage, Atlas would receive a neck injury that would injure his vocal cords, leaving his cords paralyzed with an additional injury of a tear to a connecting muscle that would not be discovered until 18 years later. Due to this, Atlas would grow up being mute, learning JSL at a rather young age while also developing an understanding of Japanese. Atlas’ first 12 years' worth of memories would be at the Hitori Janai orphanage, with its often cloudy days and not much time outside. Usually sitting alone while trying to find something to occupy him, this would oftentimes be playing with a toy medical kit or finding another bandaid for another cut or scrape. Atlas grew up as one who would often have a cut or scrape somewhere on his body, and due to his lack of voice and not much knowledge or understanding of JSL, as well as his shy demeanor, he’d often be left to find a bandage of sorts on his own. After one of his many adventures, which included sneaking out of the orphanage for a bit before returning to no one's notice, Atlas ended up landing himself on a different island of Japan: Karakura. Not wanting to go back to the orphanage, Atlas would then spend the next 22 years making a life for himself in this tiny, isolated, crime-riddled town. However, at age 20, Atlas would be stabbed in the ear, leaving him dead in his right ear and mute. This made sign language Atlas’ primary language. After being adopted by Dylan and, at the time, Keiki Edgeworth, at age 17, Atlas would even go on to marry Kotone, a childhood best friend, and begin his own family. However, thanks to the small luck of Karakura, that all came crashing down. You see, Atlas was an EMS worker there in Karakura at the only hospital in town as a surgeon. A certain gang came to heavily dislike Atlas and his brother Isoroku, who was in the KPD as a detective. After dealing with trouble from this gang for years, in attempts to protect Atlas, his wife Kotone would lose her own life. Leaving Atlas and their four children alone After losing so many, Atlas would then go on to begin to find a new place to live with his children, somewhere away from Karakura. And that is when Seoul, South Korea, came in. It was still close enough to be near his remaining family in Japan, but far enough that his family would hopefully be left alone. So Atlas began to learn Korean and KSL before getting a job there as well as as a surgeon in the hospital. moving himself and his children there for the safety of them all. Using what resources he could find, whether they were online resources, textbooks, flash cards, or videos, Atlas spent five years learning Korean and Korean Sign Language before he and his children made the move, continued to learn after they had moved there, and spent those five years teaching his children Korean as well.


How does this benefit your character's roleplay?: 

Well to begin with, this character is EMS, so having KSL will help Atlas be able to communicate with other characters who come into the hospital who are mute or even deaf and similarly to him use KSL to communicate.

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