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RP Name:

Johanna Meyer



Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Johanna Maria Meyer was born to Emilia and Hans Meyer in Augsburg, Germany in 1983. Her parents got divorced when she was 10, but they still had an amicable relationship, so Johanna was still able to see them both regularly. Growing up, she always was fascinated with the human body, specifically how to treat various injuries. She had a small teddy bear named Herr Bär, or Mr. Bear in German, that she would pretend had different "wounds" so she could patch him up, and treat him.

This love of medicine evolved into her deciding to go medical school halfway through her undergraduate, when she was 20. Despite her being behind the other aspiring students in terms of preparation, her years of looking up different diseases and how to treat them mostly made up for the lost time. She fully dedicated herself to studying for the entrance exams, as much as she could while still pursuing her undergraduate, that is, and when the time to take them came, she passed and was accepted into medical school in Berlin. During her time at this school, she met her now ex-husband, Jeong-ho.

Following her graduation, she acquired her Doctor of Medicine degree, and went to start her residency at a general hospital in Munich. She spent 5 years in her residency, and continued working for that hospital for 3 years following the completion of her residency. During this time she also got married to Jeong-ho. After she had worked at that hospital for 3 years, when she was 34, Jeong-ho received a job offer back home in Korea, and Johanna chose to move with him, despite having never travelled out of Germany before and only having a limited knowledge of Korean.


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