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revcnge | Black Market Dealer application.


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IGN (In Game Name):

Discord Tag (ex, metsu#7640):  

Have you received any warns/bans in the SeoulRP Server/Discord, if so, list them:
None currently, I attempt to try my best to keep away from getting banned at all.

Describe your experience with roleplay:
 At the end of 2021 as 2022 started transitioning in, I found I was interested in crime roleplay, After slowly putting myself into combat and crime scenarios, I started GangRP. I joined my first ever gang, Bonten, where I proceeded to learn how to GangRP further than before, taking part in the Bonten vs Kaku Kai war alongside my current friends; metsu, Twisty, OriginalMinds and N1_KO. I found I had a love for GangRP and CrimeRP on SchoolRP and implemented myself into various situations such as kidnapping a judge alongside the Bonten HC and attending every single training hosted to ensure I was the best of my ability. I GangRP'd for an extremely long time in Bonten and I found every second of it enjoyable. I surprised myself on how far I've come, climbing the ranks from an Attack Unit member to a fully fledged, active Council Member. After being influenced by many Black Market Dealers on the SchoolRP server, I had an interest in the BMD faction and took it upon myself to apply here at SeoulRP. I understand the rules and terminology distinctively well and will continue to learn and expand my knowledge on the newer rules to be added later on. As SeoulRP BETA started developing and opening up, I figured to take a fresh start and a new take on the Crime Faction by becoming a Black Market Dealer.

What is Escalation in your own words:

Escalation is the action to increase intensity of violence or seriousness of something, an example of this is; if an Unverified Gang is hostile towards another Unverified Gang, the two may trigger a conflict between members, leading towards a conflict of leaders and possibly starting a war between the two gangs. Escalation tends to occur when, in this situation, a criminal starts issues with a civilian or rival gang member, conflict can be triggered from the 'Calm Stage' continuing up until the final outcome occurs, such as a fully fledged gang war or an end to a specific gang or leader of a gang. 

Do you have a microphone?:
Yes, I have a microphone - although, my microphone can bug somewhat frequently and at times I will be unable to speak.

List your past BMD applications:
None, this is my first.

What is your reason for applying?:
I have been in contact with many players in the BMD on SchoolRP, such as Toto, Ruin06 and chainsawmen. Each of which have seemed to interest me in how they act and what they take part in. The BMD seems different and open to new opportunities for crime roleplay and characters in my opinion. I have always wanted to become a BMD, but never brought myself to apply for it. As SLRP discords opened up, I became interested in the crime related side of the server and decided to take applying for BMD upon me.

Do you acknowledge that you are not allowed to abuse the fact you get weapons for cheaper prices?:
Yes, I acknowledge this heavily. I understand selling weapons to friends or gangs for cheaper than the set prices has a heavy punishment behind it and I will most certainly stay away from doing so.

Do you acknowledge that if you are arrested or killed you're role as a Dealer will be removed?: 
Yes, I acknowledge this. BMD will have to stay low and off-the-radar to the public eye and government officials, this I will most certainly follow along with.

What is your knowledge on Black Market:
The Black Market are a group of Criminal Dealers that sell weapons to gang affiliates and criminals. BMD are not to be seen in public as this can result in arrests and conflict between Dealers. The Black Market partake in the exchange of goods and/or services in order to facilitate selling illegal goods or to avoid government oversight and taxes. Black Market deals occur in a secretive location or in the dark in attempt to stay 'off-the-books', The Black Market represent an illegal amount of income of a city or country. Shadow Markets involve criminals selling to other criminals for a set amount of income by their Leader. Then, the Dealer gets a set amount of income from the Lead as a pay-check for their business.


IC Section
(Write this as if your character is in an interview.)

What makes your character Unique?
Ryo is a unique character, he's quiet yet makes bold actions such as being a Black Market Dealer. He gets into fights yet keeps to himself. Ryo follows orders and is discreet, although Ryo makes reckless decisions on the streets in fights.


What is your characters reasoning for becoming a Dealer?:

Backstory [Minimum 100 Words]
Ryo and his twin brother Ryeo grew up in Daegu with no mother-figure. It was apparent that Ryo's mother passed away during childbirth, which Ryo's father drinks alcohol and is hardly ever home. Their father was drunk often after their mother's passing, almost as if it helped him cope, while Ryo got all the blame for his mothers death as he was the birth that she passed away from. Ryo was broken mentally while his dad proceeded to blame him for his own mothers death, hitting him and taking his anger out on him. Until one night when Their father was out at a casino, and Ryo and his brother were left alone for multiple hours, someone broke into the house. They ran upstairs after freezing in fear of what just happened as Ryo hid under his bed. What was heard was yelling from not one or two people but a group of four or five. Ryo began to panic but his curiosity got the best of him, he climbed from the hiding spot as he approached the door to his bedroom. As he was milometers away from the handle, the door slammed open and knocked him down to the ground. Ryo looked up in terror but after adjusting his focus on the individual's face it was revealed that the person was a SWAT solider. He escorted the two outside of the house, putting them in the back of the SWAT truck. There, after the house was raided, Ryo and his brother were taken from the house to a nice adoption centre. After being left there for a while without being adopted, Ryo, his brother and their friends in the centre they'd made previously came up with a plan to escape and live at one of their uncle's place. While the nights of planning ended, and the night of execution rolled around. Ryo, his brother and their friends successfully escaped and fled to his friend's uncle's place. There, he lived until the age of 18, when he finally moved into Seoul. Ryo took on the life of crime, getting into fights at school and working with criminal businessmen as he found love for the job of selling and supplying criminals. 

First and last name:
Ryo Hyonjun


Current Occupation Or Hobby:

 Age (25+):



Additional information:


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