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RP Name: 
Makenna Bloom Ryu

Character Backstory and description:

Makenna Bloom Ryu was born in Scotland in a rural location. She was the oldest out of her siblings and would be the one to care for them since she was sixteen years old. She took care of her four siblings with pride and joy. Her four siblings were around age the ages of sixteen to twelve.

Her childhood was different from many others, and she would be looked like a child whose parents never had anything to do with their children but in reality, she was caring for them after her parents had died. Her parents had died after a warehouse fire in their family's business.

That had resulted in her being the head of the family and working as much as she could for family. Makenna has had a lot of experience as being a caretaker and leader within her family and at her jobs that she has had in her lifetime. She worked at a hospital in Scotland for two years until finally moving to Seoul and making a new life there.

She moved to Seoul with her siblings. The reason why she moved to Seoul was because she wanted to have a fresh start for her siblings and herself. Makenna has been in Seoul for two months now and is ready to start her life here. She is hopeful that she will make friends along the way.


Makenna Bloom Ryu would be a 5'9 110 lbs female. She would have red hair and green eyes. Makenna loves nature and astronomy. Her friends also call Mak or Bloom.

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