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Dionne V. Zakharov



Character Backstory 
Dionne V. Zakharov was initially born in Russia. At an early age, Dionne was fascinated by cooking and baking due to her grandmother being part of that influence. Dionne never had a good relationship with her biological parents, mainly due to them neglecting her and leaving her with her babushka; however, that never stopped Dionne from living a good childhood. Dionne was raised in a poor area, she only had a few opportunities, and it took a lot of work to go out. In her first year of middle school, she met two young rascals, Aaron and Nikolai Zakharov. Both she and her brother played a lot with Aaron and Nikolai, which created a good friendship. Dionne clicked with Aaron more than anyone, and the two would go out and do stuff when they weren’t supposed to, such as Aaron throwing pebbles at her window to get her attention and going out to abandoned places to have fun. Aaron and Dionne shared an incredible interest in cooking; as a hobby, both would create their dishes for fun. One day, Aaron confessed his feelings to her, and she also confessed that she loved him; however, the two kept it a secret. As Dionne and Aaron got into their high school years, Aaron started to talk about their future endeavors and that Aaron wanted to move to Japan and make their shop there with his brother. Dionne loved the idea of creating something with Aaron; however, she loved her family so much there in Russia that she didn’t go with him, which Aaron was disappointed, although he understood. During Aaron’s last year of high school, Aaron and Dionne said their goodbyes, as both Aaron and Nikolai went to Japan to live a better life. It was a challenging year for Dionne; she couldn’t bear being without Aaron, so during high school, she started learning rudimentary Japanese, worked three jobs, and eventually made enough money to travel to Japan. Dionne came back into contact with Aaron; however, they have gotten into severe conflicts with crime, and then they affiliated themselves with gang activity. Aaron and Dionne have been doing criminal activities for over four years, eventually realizing their way of life wasn’t worth it. They decided to run somewhere else and create something they always wanted. Finally, Aaron, Nikolai, and Dionne reached Seoul, having the opportunity to create a shop, make food for people, and live a good life. Aaron eventually proposed to Dionne, and they became married. Dionne now resides in Seoul at the age of 25, living her dream with her husband.

Character Description 
 Dionne V.  Zakharov A Russian 6’3 female who weighing 180lbs. She seemed to be rather tall for a female, with a thin but built figure. An RBF would be planted across her face. She would have Black Roses run down her arm. A scar would run down her face to her neck, while smaller ones would be found across her body. Her tone would be deep and quiet. She would have a shiny Diamond ring placed on her ring finger. She would have a strong Russian accent when she spoke to others.

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