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Akio's adult application.


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IGN: Karvv

RPNAME: Akio "UKAI" Underville

AGE: 38

CHARACTER BACKSTORY AND DESCRIPTION (OVER 200 WORDS) Akio Underville was born in a small town of Korea in the year 1984. He grew up for about four years in Korea, easily learning the language. He then would move to France and had grown up there until the age of 16 when he had moved to Puerto Rico to help out his brother who was 18 with children his 17 year old girlfriend had just conceived. Akio had stuck within Puerto Rico until he was 20 then he had moved back to France until he was around 33. He had then found out that the woman he had fallen in love with many years ago (aka his brother's girlfriend) had passed away and his brother had left the children's lives at a young age. He had found them and took them under his wing and brought them back to Seoul to continue their education and grow along with him. During the time of his niece and nephew being in school he had found interest within the learning world. He went back to school and got a degree to be a chemistry teacher. He began to progress and was around 36 by the time he had been done and finished with school. He then kept going onto care for his family and find a potential partner. He would also have grown up on the taller side of his family. He would have long purple hair and dark purple eyes. He would have a kind personality and a soft French accent.

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