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Luvnpopball's adult app

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IGN: Luvnpopball

RPNAME: Rui S. Slayer

AGE: 27


Rui S. Slayer and his big brother were born in North Carolina. Rui S. Slayer and his big brother lived with his dad considering both of their parents were divorced, they had a little sister that was living with their mom at the time. Rui S. Slayer was 8 years old when his mother and father were divorced. When Rui was 17 and his big brother was 20 their dad died and they both were very poor and homeless. Rui S. Slayer's big brother was named Ray D. Slayer which had tried getting a job but couldn't considering every job he tried to get interviewed for denied him because he was not in shape for the job. One day Ray D. Slayer had went inside the store and hid inside for 1 hour before the store had closed down and he was the only one left inside, so he had quickly got snacks and food and ran out of the store which triggered a alarm but Rui S. Slayer took the food and they bother started eating. Rui S. Slayer was very happy that he had got food and started eating but was concerned his brother would do such thing for his little brother. The police arrived at the store and saw Ray D. Slayer and detained him for questioning as Ray D. Slayer was getting detained Rui S. Slayer Ran for weeks possibly months until he bumped into a city called Seoul located in Korea. He was unsure if his brother was put in jail but considering it was a public store and there was cameras every where outside of it and inside of it he thought that there was no way his brother got out of it and he was most likely put in jail. Rui S. Slayer was now alone still homeless, until someone named Manoko Shinigami saw him sitting around in the streets of Seoul and politely asked him if he need help, and protection. Rui S. Slayer responded with a simple "Yes please that would be awesome", Manoko Shinigami said ok! and took Rui S. Slayer to a place called Valhalla apartment base where Rui S. Slayer was shortly given the clothes for Valhalla and Monoko Shinigami said "you are allowed to be in this gang we will help you survive as long as you can help us survive also". Rui S. Slayer was now in a gang and had food to survive regularly so he treated them all like family that he once had, Rui S. Slayer was 27 at the time he got into Valhalla gang and his brother was announced "dead" at the jail, on the news it had explained how he had committed suicide in the prison. Rui saw the news and was heart broken he became corrupted and KO'ed anyone that talked about his brother that wasn't his friend or in Valhalla gang.

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Thank you for taking the time to apply to have your character become an adult, but I've chosen to put your application onpending for the following reason:
-You bolded every answer, please only bold the questions 
Feel free to reapply whenever!

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