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OYOL's Black Market Dealer Application

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IGN (In Game Name):

My IGN is currently 'OYOL'. In the unlikely event that this changes, this thread will certainly be updated accordingly.

Discord Tag (ex, metsu#7640): 

My Discord is oyol#4006. In the unlikely event that this changes, this thread will certainly be updated accordingly.

Have You received any warns/bans in the SeoulRP Server/Discord, if so, list them: 

I have received no infractions.

Describe your experience with roleplay:

  In the middle of 2020, I took an interest in the crime faction so, I became involved in GangRP. I was in gangs such as, Ghost, ZT, also known as Zero Tolerance, MIYAGI, and the Voigt family which at the time was quite a well known crime riddled family on the SchoolRP server. My duration of time GangRP'ing was extremely enjoyable for me and lasted longer than I'd expected. I desire and would certainly feel honoured to acquire a position due to my love for the faction itself. I have a great understanding of rules and terminology which may be found within this faction due to my three years of experience. I desire to bring my experience and knowledge to SeoulRP in order to fulfil my wish to become a successful Black Market Dealer.

What is Escalation in your own words:

I believe escalation refers to the process in which a character can participate in a situation which has escalated. For example, a player's character insults another player's character due to a disagreement. Both parties involve themselves with this and therefore cause a fight to occur. This continues until the predicament eventually escalates to the point that either, or both, characters have received permanent damage to themselves due to this.

Do you have a microphone?:

Yes, yes I do! I have an efficient microphone, prepared to hop into voice-chats, private calls, or anything of sorts! Although I may be a tad quiet at first, I am sure I will be able to ease in - with the correct people.

List your past BMD applications:


What is your reason for applying?:

My experiences and love for the crime faction aside, I have currently been roleplaying as a college student for a countless number of months (Within SchoolRP - I have only just joined SeoulRP, albeit I have thoroughly read the rules and already have an understanding based on my previous three years of roleplaying experience). After a while, like anything you do on a role-play server, it got quite boring if I am completely honest and I have now decided that I want to take the next steps in my roleplaying experiences and expand on my knowledge, and understanding. I personally believe, I have the knowledge, experience and willpower to take on this demanding role.

I am also motivated to apply for this position due to the possible challenges and obstacles I may face. I am a practical individual and I don't like it easy. I know the demanding and difficult challenges roles such as this one can bring to the table, and I am willing, and of course able to meet to the high standards required from a worthy candidate. I hope to make new friendships and bonds with people from this possible experience and further boost my reputation within this community.

As stated multiple times previously, I have been involved in the crime faction for roughly three years. My activity certainly shows my level of willingness to take on this role. Accompanied by this, my level of previous experience and knowledge shows my capability and reliability to be able to partake. I am able to contribute these features to the Black Market team and hopefully grow the reputation and experiences that it can provide.

Do you acknowledge that you are not allowed to abuse the fact you get weapons for cheaper prices?:

I acknowledge this and full-heartedly agree with it.

Do you acknowledge that if you are arrested or killed you're role as a Dealer will be removed?: 

I fully understand this and take full responsibility for anything that happens to my character which may influence my position as a Black Market Dealer.

What is your knowledge on Black Market?:

The Black Market is simply an economy which provides for criminals. The Black Market deal with the selling of weapons and other illegal materials for money. Although the current Black Market only has this feature currently, it is capable of much more. A few suggestions could include, bounty hunting and hitmen who can be requested to eliminate an individual. Overall, the Black Market partakes in various illegal activities in order to gain a profit in the form of South Korean won, and a reputation in the crime community.


IC Section


What makes your character Unique?

I am a male who is unpredictable. I am a mysterious figure who lurks in the shadows, haunting my prey. I require nothing but greed. I am able to easily influence individuals with my alibis and pure lies. I can change my attitude with ease, allowing myself to always be at an advantage over those below me. Albeit, I may seem malicious, this is easily disguised with my sweet and pure innocent act which fools most.  

What is your characters reasoning for becoming a Dealer?:

Are you seriously asking 'Yoto' this? I have been trafficking arms my whole entire life. I was bought up with this lifestyle and will guide myself to continue it.  Back in my younger days, I was amongst some of Seoul's most reputable gangs around. I was influenced and purely used due to me being relatively young at the time. I was a feared individual who salivated over ones demise. Listen, my family was poor. I did that for money; it was not my fault. Mother left me and my father at a young age, leaving a worn-down, alcoholic, 'druggy' who could not afford to look after his own children. I desire to continue this legacy of mine which has certainly been implanted as a major occurrence of my life which I never seem to let go. 

Backstory [Minimum 100 Words]


 Taiyou Eogeum was born and raised in the Seoul, Korea. Coming from the interior of a poor and abusive household, Taiyou desperately needed help as soon as possible. He stayed in the Seoul, living with his father and two sisters. His mother passed away when he was extremely young from alcohol poisoning. His father was not financially stable when looking after Taiyou throughout his teenage years. When Taiyou was roughly 15, his two sisters became heavily involved in drugs and affiliated with a local gang. He attempted and tried his best to get them out of that lifestyle but came to no avail. He joined them. Taiyou's two sisters were later arrested for the affiliation of the gang, possession, and use of drugs. His father's mental health became worse at this and Taiyou felt at fault. He was guilty. Around this age, Taiyou became the father of Carmel Tahra. At the age of 19, Arthur took board and made his way over to another part of Seoul, with his daughter, Carmel. He met people online who visited and also lived in Seoul and decided that it was suitable for him. The education was deemed phenomenal and that is exactly what he needed. He travelled to Seoul, leaving behind his father and two sisters for a much better quality of life. He found a job at the age of 21 as a Janitor for a local school, just outside of Seoul. He stayed here for five years - until the age of 26 - and has now decided to seek out a job within the Black Market. He found himself at the start of a dark pathway which may lead to his crime riddled future. He is currently waiting on a response for his completed application.

First and last name:
Taiyou Eogeum



Current Occupation Or Hobby:

No current occupations or hobbies.

 Age (25+):

Twenty-Six years of age.





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