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Xhast420 Adult Application

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IGN: Xhast420

RP Name: Adam Bögsson


Character backstory and description (over 200 words):
Adam was born on the 7th of march in a small town in his country of origin, Sweden. He was born to Anna and Jakob Bögsson as their third child. Growing up he would watch his brothers play soccer together in the yard and when he turned 8 he would practice in secret so that he could play with them. As time went on he would spend his days outside playing soccer and basketball with his brothers. He got better and better and  at 12 he would try out to play on the same team as his older brothers. Since he had been practicing since he was a young boy the trains took particular notice of his playing and added him to the roster. He quickly outplayed his teammates and moved up the teams quickly and by the time he was 14 he had already become so good he was playing with both of his brothers. The three of them would tear their opponents apart as they dribbled up the field scoring goals and winning matches all over Sweden.

At 18 he was bought into a Korean team and started playing for them showing off his skills to the Korean people. He would travel with his new friends from city to city eventually ending up in Seoul. As he stepped off the bus he looked around and fell in love instantly. He bought a small apartment and quit playing soccer deciding to focus on his studies to try and land a stable job. He would slave away all through school eventually graduating with average grades and now he lives his life peacefully often strolling around the city.

Adam is a tall Scandinavian man with tan skin standing at about 6’4. He has blonde hair deep brown eyes. His body would be very well-built and it was clear from just a glance that he had been an athlete in his prime. He carried a soft smile on his face and spoke with a soft tone. His ears would be pierced and he would carry a bunch of earrings along with him wherever he went. As you looked at his hands you could clearly see the different marks and scars on them most of them being from athletic injuries. From one simple look, you would say he is very ordinary and plain but the more you get to know him the clearer of an image of who he truly is would shine through.

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