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Adult Application | NocteBee

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- Please DO NOT bold your answers, only the questions.

- Do not bother any staff to check your application

- Please use your best grammar throughout your responses

- Have a realistic backstory, you may also only apply for your character to be older than 24.


Adult Application

IGN:  NocteBee
RP Name:  Yoa-shio Priscilla Yōko
Age: 29
Character backstory and description (over 200 words): Yao was born on March 7th, 1997 in the Seocho-Gu District of Seoul, South Korea to parents Lemani Yōko (mother) and Os-un Yōko (father)in SNUH hospital at their maternity unit, as she was a prenatal baby she was rushed to the PICU at only hours old her parents were told she was a miracle baby. Further on as Yao grew up in the household of both her parents being primarily raised by her mother as her father was a very important person at the hospital from what she knew, at the age of 5 yao was enrolled in a primary school where she began her education through the ups and downs and rough turns she eventually made it to middle school where this peaked her interests of medical knowledge. She took up learning from her father at work where she could, as nothing seemed to disgust her or put her out of the idea of helping others, but in what way? At the age of 14, Yao’s father had a stroke which left him with permanent left-side weakness and it left her devastated as her father was her ‘i wanna be your figure’. Continuing on through high school, she took up a psychology class and watched psychiatrists come in throughout the school day sometimes for introducing themselves to the class and that's where a small part of her brain lit up as she was excited. After graduating from high school, Yao went on to college to get her associates in science, and continuing her education was her main focus.

She did not care about dating or children or marriage; it was always about her. Around the age of  23, Os-un (aka her father)  passed his sleep from the post-effects stroke. This left Yao devastated and unsure of words or how to react, even then hours later Lemani (her mother) passed due to natural causes the doctors say. This left Yao in a dark spot but she kept pressuring herself to proceed as she needed to prove that she could do it, even with her parents gone a few years tend to pass and she gets told her brother (Kishun Oliver Yōko) and his second wife (Tuan Tachi-Yōko) and his first wife (Kelli Itoa Jeong-Yōko) were shot and killed. Which left her with 3 nieces and two nephews to care for especially during school it was a tough fight but eventually she got through it by getting 4 bachelor's degrees and multiple little bits here and there eventually left to a good end with the invitation to work at the recent letter.

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Thank you for taking the time to apply to have your character become an adult, but I've chosen to put your application onpending for the following reason:
-Though your backstory was well written out, you didn’t seem to include your character’s description which is needed
Feel free to reapply whenever!

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