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IGN: youluvkamii

RPNAME: Akuma Kataguri

AGE: 26

CHARACTER BACKSTORY AND DESCRIPTION (OVER 200 WORDS): Akuma wasn't always the person he is now. He started off so innocent, so nice and thoughtful, his name was Jason Phillips before he changed his name to Akuma. The story starts here, Jason once met a girl by the name of Toyo, they got along really well and spent a lot of time together. Jason and Toyo once went to the shrine bridge on one of their hang outs and realized how much they meant to each other before they kissed. Not too much time past before they started dating, they were really happy and loved each other, this.. was true love but suddenly things changed when Jason met the wrong people, he felt ahead of himself like he could take those guys on but if only he knew how wrong he was. He got the SHIT beat out of him, those guys made him their bitch and he was being kicked and tossed around like a doll. He then became more distant with Toyo, he didn't see her very often and he ditched on the dates they hosted due to the fact that he was basically a slave to the people he messed with. Toyo was fed up with it when she felt alone too because she hadn't seen Jason in a very long time, its been days.. wait no weeks.. since she's seen him and when they do meet he doesn't stick around long. One day Toyo looked around for Jason as she began to lose hope of their relationship.. he eyes flinched open when she found Jason as she started to tear up. Jason was beat to a bloody pulp and got confused when he heard the words coming out of the males mouth "You ever wonder why I do this to you Jason? Toyo.. She was suppose to be mine!" Tears started streaming down her face as she ran away from the scene, she then went to the shrine bridge where Jason and Toyo first kissed before sending Jason a text that said "Im sorry for putting you through all that pain Jason.. I love you so so much and I wish you good luck.. This is goodbye now.." She then stood on the bridge support railing as she glared at the sunset, drops of rain were tapping against the floor as she stood there with guilt and sadness, tears thrusting down her cheeks and she let out a painful scream. Jason then turned his head as he heard the scream and ran torwards the sound, as he ran half way up the shrine stairs toyo's body dropped from the sky all the way to the ground next to him.. Jason froze with shock and fright as he eye'd the body and saw that it was Toyo his eyes started to water. After letting out two coughs toyo looked at him with a smile "I'm glad I got to see you again.." Toyo said. "WHY!? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!?" Jason yelled in confusion "All the pain I put you through.. It hurts me seeing what happened between you and that guy I rejected.. Getting so injured all because of me.." Tears streamed down her face. Jason then yelled "IT'S OKAY, WE CAN JUST MOVE TOWNS, WE CAN START OVER, MAKE A FAMILY, GET MARRIED AND BE HAPPY WITH EACH OTHER!" Toyo then touched his face slightly "That would've been nice..." Jason yelled "I CAN STILL SAVE YOU!" He then started pulling on toyo but was too weak and beat up to carry her 4 feet from where she was at "Jason.. put me down.." Toyo asked. "NO, I'M NOT LEAVING YOU TO DIE!" Toyo then slowly started to close her eyes before telling Jason one last thing "Take care of.. Scorpy for me.." Jason's eyes flinched open in fear before feeling that toyo's body was lifeless and wasn't moving, he then yelled out a painful cry as the rain pour down onto his defeat.. Jason... Changed after that.. He left Karakura for a while and started training to become stronger, he had to teach himself since he had no one but his little sister. After 5 Years of training Jason's whole appearance changed, he had blonde hair, pale-ish skin and and a scar on his left eye from training.. He then said to himself "I might as well change fully.." Jason Phillips then changed his name to Akuma Kataguri and began searching for the guys who put this on him for revenge.

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