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littlewildfire's adult application

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Adult Application

IGN: littlewildfire

RP Name: Adela Seo-Jun

Age: 25

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Adela Seo-Jun is a dark haired female with a slight heterochromia on dark blue eyes. She stands at about 5'2, appearing slim at 115 lbs. Her name, Adela, hails from her mother's Czech heritage, where she was born and raised. Her native language is Czech, having grown up in Prague. However, with her father being Korean, she learned the language as well. It was a necessity, she found, when her mother passed from an aneurysm and her father took her back to his hometown in Seoul, Korea. However, as time passed, her relationship with her father grew strained, and she became more interested in her studies. Her goal became to practice medicine, and give every patient her full attention with a kind smile. Her mother's death, in her opinion, was caused by the neglect of the doctors in a hospital that was over its capacity. So, at 18, she moved out and began to dive more into her studiesm hoping to make her goal a reality. Now, at the age of 25, she is applying for a nursing position at the local hospital, hoping it will give her the opportunity she is looking for.

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