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littlewildfire's Hospital Application

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IGN: littlewildfire

Age: 20

 Timezone: Central Standard Time

If you have discord, what is your tag?: lostfantasy#3853

Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

Any bans/warnings?: No

List any past/current applications: LAdult Application

What is your motivation for joining EMS?: Interest in medical field/Relevant to character backstory

State the role you are applying for [Nurse, Doctor, Surgeon, Paramedic, Psychiatrist]: Nurse

List all the departments of EMS and what they do:

Nurse - Conducts physical exams, administers medications, assist surgeons, treat minor injuries (scrapes, sprains, gashes, etc.), check in patients, manage patient logs, and other hospital maintenance. * Psychiatrist - Provides diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Not qualified to treat major injuries, only minor wounds (small gashes, scrapes, sprains). * Paramedics - Provides emergency care for critical patients, goes into the field and treats injured patients on site or transports them back to the hospital in an ambulance. They are first responders in mass trauma events, and will be responsible for stabilizing patients until they can be assessed and treated at the hospital. * Surgeons - Evaluates and treats conditions that might need surgery. May require more extensive training, as it involves major injuries and are put in intense pressure situations. During and after surgeries, the lead surgeon will determine the best course of action for the patient on the table, including pharmaceuticals and when to schedule a post-op follow up. Must train under already practicing surgeon. * Doctors - Medical professionals that conduct exams, provide diagnosis, and treat injuries and diseases.

How active are you?How familiar are you with Detail/Medical RP?: Moderately active/Familiar with detail RP, less familiar with Medical RP but can pick up fast

Do you acknowledge that at any point you can be demoted or removed if given a valid reason? [Ex: Guidelines, Skipping Trainings, etc.): Yes

Signature: littlewildfire


PART 1: Character Apprehension:

Tell us about your character; how do they look, and what makes them unique?: 
Adela Seo-Jun is a dark haired female with deep blue eyes, with a slight heterochromia. She stands at 5'2, and about 115 lbs. She is gentle in nature, and always looking to make the people around her smile. She consistently smells of lavender and cashmere, and has a quiet laugh that somehow manages to fill a room. She's quick to hold a hand, to provide comfort when no one else is there to do so.

Explain your character’s outlook on co-workers, personality, and future life:
Adela always tries to make a connection with anyone she will be around a while. If a coworker likes tea, she will make conversation about tea and coffee. She is excited to meet new people at any given time, even if it makes her anxious at the same time. Her voice is soothing and even, but she has issues with keeping her opinions quiet when it comes to others that are rude to people she's fond of. Her passion is medicine, and her goal is to make sure that no patient is ignored, so that no one ends up like her mother, who passed due to an aneurysm that, in her opinion, could have easily been caught. 

Does this character have a criminal past?: No

Background:[Minimum 100 words]:
Her name, Adela, hails from her mother's Czech heritage, where she was born and raised. Her native language is Czech, having grown up in Prague. However, with her father being Korean, she learned the language as well. It was a necessity, she found, when her mother passed from an aneurysm and her father took her back to his hometown in Seoul, Korea. However, as time passed, her relationship with her father grew strained, and she became more interested in her studies. Her goal became to practice medicine, and give every patient her full attention with a kind smile. Her mother's death, in her opinion, was caused by the neglect of the doctors in a hospital that was over its capacity. So, at 18, she moved out and began to dive more into her studiesm hoping to make her goal a reality. Now, at the age of 25, she is applying for a nursing position at the local hospital, hoping it will give her the opportunity she is looking for.

PART 2: Character Details:

Character’s Full Name: Adela Seo-Jun

Character’s Title: [e.g. Mrs, Mx, Mr, etc]: Ms.

Character’s Age: [25+ -70]: 25

Character’s Gender: Female

Character’s Nationality: Czech/Korean

Character’s Marital Status: Single

PART 3: Academic Details:

Working Experience(s): None

Years of Residency: None

Academic Degree: Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Major (s): Nursing

Minor (s): Psychology


As a physician of Seoul, you pledge to practice medicine with humility, honesty, compassion, and integrity. You will provide the best care to the citizens of Seoul, refraining from judgment, the patient’s past, or your own beliefs. 

Signature: littlewildfire/Adela Seo-Jun

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