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[R.R Motors] Goob2920 Business Owner Application


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Seoul Business Owner Application

IGN: Goob2920

Discord Tag: Goob#3966

Time zone: EST

Server Activity:  I've just joined SLRP, but I plan on being pretty active as the server grows. I'm active online at least a couple hours each day during the week for the most part, other than school.

Previous warns/bans: None


Business Information

Business Name: R.R Motors

Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.):


Motivation on why you wanted to apply:

If/When cars are added it would be cool for vehicle owners to have a chance to use them more than just transportation tools. This will be for the car enthusiasts of the server or simply anyone interested in cars. R.R Motors would be a good way to introduce and encourage a bigger car culture in SLRP. On other roleplay servers I never have gone to more of a position other than just a simple student/citizen. I have always thought about applying to other shops, however I never actually went through with it. With SLRP being a new server, I realized that this is the perfect chance to have a fresh start and introduce myself to a new form of roleplay. Like many others, money is also a motivation to own a business. Many of my other characters have been relatively poor, so to have a character making a decent amount of money would be interesting to experience.

Unique description about your business:

R.R Motors is a fledgling auto shop in the city of Seoul. Opened by Ryeo Hyonjun, a mechanic/car enthusiast. The downstairs of R.R motors also doubles as a living space for Ryeo, and his brother Ryo. Upstairs is where all the business is conducted. The Shop/Display area is where customers enter, and consult an attendant on what they are looking for. Also in the shop/display area is an array of vehicles to pique passerby's interest, and show some examples of work the shop has done. The Work/Repair area is where all of the work is actually done. If a customer is getting work on their vehicle done, an employee will instruct them to pull it around the building, and drive it into the work/repair area, where work will begin. In the back of the Work/Repair area is a door to Ryeo's office, a space for interviewing new members, discussing plans/having staff meetings, and doing business-related paperwork. The office is also where a locked door to the downstairs living-area lies.  The downstairs is a living area for the two brothers. There is a personal area, for rest/relaxation (A small kitchen, living room, etc). Ryeo and Ryo both have their respective rooms downstairs as well.

References (Interior & Exterior):





Bartlett Space « Midsouth Makers – Memphis Area Makerspace


What is your business selling:

Our business has a variety of options up-for-sale for the car and racing community of Seoul, offers we supply for our customers include; Auto/Bike repair, General Maintenance, Tune-Ups, Modifications and anything under the theme we have chosen for our business at R.R Motors.


Normal Shop Opening: This is any other average day that the shop is open. Customers can come in and buy things, get their cars worked on, or even just browse what cars we have in the display room.

Car Meet/Car Show: R.R Motors will host a car meet that the entire city is welcome to.  This will happen in front and around R.R Motors where anyone can bring and park their car to let people look at it. We will have a top voted car competition, where attendees can come up to a voting station and vote for their favorite car on display. Winners will win a cash prize or an item.

Street Race: R.R Motors, being immersed in racing culture, would host a race for any car owner in the city to participate in. There will be a cash entry fee to participate in each race, which will go to the winner of the race.

How many employees will you be recruiting:

Owner [Filled]: Ryeo is the owner, he handles the business as a whole, and directs his employees on how to run the shop. Unlike other bosses, Ryeo prefers to be on the shop floor or in the garage, as opposed to sitting in his office.

Cashier [0/2]: A cashier's job is to run the front of the store, selling products and helping customers with whatever they may need. They are the friendly faces that will greet customers as they enter R.R Motors.

Mechanics[0/6]: The mechanics are the ones in the garage, working on the cars. They may all work together on one large project, or split off into smaller groups to get multiple cars done at a time. A mechanic must have a broad knowledge of cars, and be able to participate in multiple types of jobs.


Ryeo and Ryo grew up in Daegu, without a mother and with an alcoholic father. While Ryo took to a life of crime, Ryeo took to a life of cars. Not having a reliable father, Ryeo had to transport himself using a bike as a child, a motorbike as a teenager, and finally as an adult he started driving cars. Ryeo would spend most of his time working in the local autoshop. He would work for as long and often as possible so he didn't have to be at home. This gave Ryeo a vast and deep understanding of mechanics, and instilled a love for vehicles in him. After moving to Seoul with his brother, they were poor. Ryeo figured that he would start a business, bringing something new to the community as well as giving them a shot at living comfortably. Ryeo sat brainstorming, and with help from his brother, he came up with the idea for R.R Motors. Finding an abandoned garage, they worked together day and night to clean it up and turn it into the dream Ryeo envisioned.


Character Information:
Full Name: Ryeo Hyonjun

Gender: Male

Age: 25


Extra information:


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Thank you for applying to become a shopkeeper! Though after reviewing your application I've chosen to deny your application for the following reasons:

You are no longer in the main HRP Discord, nor the Government Discord server

You are welcome to re-apply whenever you feel like it!

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