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Japanese Lang

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Language you want:

Mandarine / Chinese


How did the character adopt the language?:

My character Akuryo Nakajima is actually a mixed Japanese/Chinese person. His grandparents and father is Chinese and his mother Japanese so he got to learn Mandarine during his time in Hong Kong with his father since in Hong Kong there would be a democracy and is one of the few places where democracy exists. He lived in Hong Kong for about 8-9 years with his father and later on moved to Japan living with his mother in Maebashi, in Japan. 

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I have decided to deny this application because It doesn't really give a perspective on how he learnt and adapted to the language growing up. Saying he was just mixed, and lived in Hong Kong for 8-9 Years doesn't really say on how he learnt the language in those 8-9 Years. I also recommend getting the story to 100+ words.

You may re-apply whenever you want, I recommend to take time onto the application. Also I'd wait for the format to actually release that we're going to use, other than getting the format possibly off another website. Regardless, thank you for your application.

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