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RP Name: 
Antonio Lamar

Character backstory:
On April 9th, in the city of Rome, located in Italy, Antonio Lamar was born. With his mother being Luna Lamar, and his father being undetermined, due to his mothers relatively "open" personality. Due to this, the first 3 years were spent trying to find the boy's real father, which led to a man named Montero, who ended up opening up to the idea of taking care of the child. Sadly, he had no choice in this decision, as Luna then left him with a baby Antonio, all to take care of by himself. With Montero never have fathering a child before, and being relatively young, he decided the best course of action was to make Antonio into a mini version of him. In which he began acting on this goal the moment Ant reached a larger point of maturity, which weirdly enough to him was the age of 13. In which he began teaching Ant three main concepts now that he was reaching a more mature age; These concepts concept of balance, the grind for money, and Montero's view on love. The first topic of balance, was basically a view based around the concept of karma, in which life should be viewed on a scale of good to bad morals, and people should balance between those lines. Trying to balance good karma and bad karma, staying on the more neutral lines of things, he taught him this hoping the Ant would decide to have fun with this ideology, since to him, this WAS the most fun way to live life. The second topic was the grind for money, in which the only reason this was a taught lesson was so Antonio wouldn't end up as broke as Montero, and he wanted to implant that idea in his head young so throughout his life he would have that consistent grasp of it. Finally the view of love was very simple, most people lie, and most people can generally not be trusted, which is love is GENERALLY, a waste of time. Taking these ideologies in, Ant begin following them to the exact dot, trying to make money, and have fun, while contributing to every side of the morality spectrum with every action. Though as he got older, around the age of 15-16, he began to bend and make new rules of his morals, viewing many things as larger priorities than others, mostly focusing on the aspect of money. This made him do many questionable things for money, trying to stay constant with his Lawful and Unlawful acts, mostly sticking to selling things within his school and home town. His general desperation for money continued for the next 4 years, with him sticking to his same stick until the age of 20, in which he decided to aim for other ideas that would give him fun in life, in which he realized throughout most of his life he's been stuck in the same place in life, deciding that from that day he'd eternally continue moving SOMEWHERE in life. To begin this journey, he chose to study many different languages, so he was able to move in different places throughout his time, yet still be able to continue to have a social life. One of the ones he was more interested in happened to be Korean, in which he decided to spend slightly more time studying it than other languages, despite it being one of the harder ones to learn. He slowly began ditching other languages to study the more extreme language, spending about a year and a half studying it before he finally moved to the country, specifically the city of Gwangju. He chose the location due to it being a more southern region, and so to keep things consistently fresh, he decided he'd slowly move more and more north as the years went by, starting at the age of 21, he decided he'd go until he made it to Seoul, where he'd make his home for the next while. While he DID make it into Korea, he still studied other languages, along with Korean so he could get more and more fluent with it. In his time in Korea, he decided to stick to his same Ideologies, but with an extra rule, he will ALWAYS be honest, only allowing himself to lie if he feels as if it will save him, himself, or really fuck over some he hates. Not keeping a log as he traveled, he just slowly made his way north, going from city to city trying to get more and more money, and possessions. Making it to Gwangmyeon after 4 years of steady travel, he decided his second to last stop would be preparation for his LAST stop, so he could have the most fun in Seoul out of all cities. Throughout this, he made as much money as he could, decided to get himself ready for more luxury as we prepared to leave to the city of Seoul, preparing to get there right before his birthday. Though, as he left, a homeless man along the street realized the general wealth Antonio had, deciding to rob him with a dagger, it led to Ant being forced to take his money from his bank account and give it to the man. Despite his cooperation, due to the man's fear it led to Antonio losing not only most of his belongings, but also nearly his life. Barely making it to the hospital, Ant ended up with a stab wound in his abdomen, shoulder, and a large slash a little under his eye, this didn't stop him however. Determined to make it to Seoul before his birthday, he slowly made his way to Seoul anyways, finally making it there the day he hit 26, he was also hit with a large amount of disappointment, without his luxury way of living, he had to live relatively broke. Looking past this, he decided it he had enough determination in him to continue living in Seoul, trying his best to make back his money, while still keeping his exact ideologies he had before. In which he continued to try and strive, desperately trying to make back what he had lost, failing for at least the past 9 months, staying dirt broke.

Antonio was a mixed male, standing at 6"1.5 or 187cm he'd have black to purple locs, that reached a little below his ears. With deep-blue eyes, he'd have a tired stare to everything, combined with the large slash scar to sat below his right eye. He had a Thin yet Athletic build, with a snakebite piercing on his lower lip, and a general scent of Lavender.

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