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Business owner application | oLuuh


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Seoul Business Owner Application

IGN: oLuuh
Discord Tag: Luu#1891
Time zone:  CET/CEST 
Server Activity: Havent joined yet, waiting for release
Previous warns/bans: nope

Business Information

Business Name: Peony's hangout
Business type (Restaurant/accessory/etc.): Restaurant library kind of thing
Motivation on why you wanted to apply: I really want to be able to decorate something that others will use, and that will give me a reason to roleplay more. 

Unique description about your business: Library where there will be a eating section, so that it will give people a chance to connect over the books, and stick around for ''hours'' because there is food there too. I want to make it comfy, and like a safe place to go, to relax with a book or friends,
(also divide it to make a quiet area, to make it more realistic for the library part, but a part where it is possible to read and be social, but also to just read.) I want people to be able to submit their own books, so that they can get a reward or a payment for selling a book that will get approved (of course get nothing if rejected).
Because that will activate people to stick around too, and from schoolrp experience, I really liked reading other peoples books and try myself to write one for the library. 

References (Interior & Exterior): I cant make a reference at the moment, but i have a rejected builder application that can show how I build, but I will most likely want help to decorate it, to make sure it fits Seoulrp's standards

What is your business selling: Books, food and smiles.
Events: Like real life tellings, where a author gets to talk about their book, and hopefully sell it too. 
How many employees will you be recruiting: I think around 3, but depends on how much the chosen people play. Maybe i will need more due to the food part, but I cant know for sure until I know how popular it will get. 

Backstory: Luciana Lekami comes from a small town in Germany, where she grew up reading and spending alot of her time in libraries, and often helped the librarians. Since she grew up reading, she did not have many friends other than from her bookclub and a rare nerd once in awhile. She didnt consider herself as a nerd, but with her top grades, she knew, she was ahead of her fellow classmates. But she was alright with that. It has always been her dream to create a safe space for other book lovers like her, where they can be creative and feel safe with their books. 

Character Information:
Full Name:
Luciana Lekami
Age: Student, if accepted, for lore - 23
Gender: Female
Education: German/Danish high school in Denmark, Alssundgymnasiet (Denmark), 
Business (AAUBS), Aalborg (Denmark) Graduated with honor

Extra information:
I used real schools, because I know foreigners often study in Aalborg in Denmark, so I know for a fact that both is real schools. I have never joined seoulrp, but I have been waiting for a few months, joined the giveaways for beta, but didnt get it. I am very excited to get on when it oficially opens. I know me never having joined, is lowing my chances. But I do hope to still have a chance. My idea is similar to cat cafes and gaming cafes, without the cats and gaming. But it is possible to find book cafes in real life. (I also have not read others applicants, so I do not know if this have been suggested, so sorry in advance). On schoolrp I used to be on at all times, but stopped playing when I started waiting for Seoulrp - So I am very excited

You as a business owner are not allowed to be affiliated with any gang related/illegal activity. If you happen to be caught you may have a chance you lose your position as business owner.
(Perks of me not having joined yet, I did not have the chance to become gangrp'er)

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Thank you for applying to become a shopkeeper! Though after reviewing your application I've chosen to deny your application for the following reasons:

Your application lacks detail regarding your shop. What food will be sold? Any drinks? What are the ranks in the employee roles? 


You are welcome to re-apply whenever you feel like it!

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