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This is ridiculous 😒

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RP Name: 

Ketsueki "Lenard" Hanazono


Character Description:

Lenard is a chinese 6'5 individual with a muscular very build and about 50 small scars on his back, brown hair and Grey eyes, he has a very nonchalant  expression on his face at all times, he doesn't really react to anything like a regular person would, to make it make sense, he doesn't bother to worry about things he can't change and just let's it be. Though he will put his family over others 

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

(Note this is when he used to live in karakura/when i used to play SRP, so it kinda ties into this)

Lenard was not the greatest person while he was a professor, actually he worse the worst he treated students the like the worst and he didn't really realize that, he was too ignorant to notice, he was disliked by the students and some co-workers alike, but despite doing all of that he did do his job pretty well, got more than the regular quotas and would usually be the most hard working out of the professors, he was quickly promoted from U.P to Q.P, he went on to be professor for about 3 or 4 months after he decided to quit, he would go on to have a average life of a adult as his reputation cooled down made friends with some of the adults around the town and ems As well, he then met two new professors and they talked for a while, he the got word from them that his daughters and from his daughters themselves that they have been getting harrased in school so far as to one of them being injured in the process, he then made the effort to contact the new dean about said problems thinking that there could finally be a SLT member that does their job, after a few days he contacted said SLT member again, he got word that the students that were involved in harrasing his daughters has been punished, though the issue did continue, he contacted the SLT member again but was met with disappointed, so he took it upon himself to finally decide to return to the school for the sake of his children, so he decided to make an effort to plan what he was going to do, he was thinking about contacting multiple SLT members about rejoining then finally decided to contact the person who despises him the most Aoi Akihito, after finally meeting up with her they talked about it and Lenard apologizes for all the things he has done and finally recognized that he was indeed in the wrong, after making an application and waiting for about a month he got denied accepted as a chef, but since that was a fail he would then go to his plan be, to re-apply for the professor faction where he would eventually wait to get denied or accepted since it was his last chance to rebuild his reputation from scratch, but that obviously back fired when he made it worse, not among the students but among the faculty members, which would eventually lead him to be arrested because he threatened one of said faculty members because of some rumors or lies you can call it, but in his time in prison, he reflected back on the whole time he came to karakura, he decided the best thing to do for himself, is to do nothing, he decided his reputation was already ruined, nobody likes him and people already expect the craziest things from him so he decided, fuck it might As well d the craziest things live live to the fullest, with that he began to work out even more than he did before in prison, the harsh environment of a prison changed him, physically and mentally, causing him to get more lean and largely built increasing his height and muscles, while also affecting him mentally causing him to be aggressive but nonchalant but while also planning the best for his two daughters that didn't leave him for his harsh past, he decided he was going to be nothing but the best and decided to leave karakura and his past 

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