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IGN: SapouT
RP name: Dar Hermington
Age: 34
Character Backstory and Description: Dar Hermington is a male with unique facial features and and tones cheeckbone structure. He'd appear to be intimidating and cold as he is quiet and expresionless. He has a slightly tanned skin with a few scars on his body. He'd be muscular and seem strong and he always wears formal clothing. He has short hair and a scared face. His eyes are like windows to his traumatized soul. He has lived a bad past when he moved from Mexico to Japan with the name Daren Kozlov. As he got involved with crime in a small Japaneese island he had to flee japan. While he was trying to cross the border from japan to Russia he had to go though alot to make it there and not drown in the ocean. When he reached Russia, he didn't take long to be involved with crime again. It was there that he learned how to use firearms and melee weaponary. He started using drugs, selling drugs and constantly organizing shootings and terorist attacks. He got involved with a russian guns that he soon took leadership of. The gang was called SLS. He was at his peak fighting daily where he obtained scars but also became who he is today. After exactly 16 months police finally traced him down and raided his hideout. He tried to flee but got shot multiple times by the military and SWAT services. He was barely saved and later on arrested for Possesion of ilegal weaponary, Many counts of first degree murder and terorism. He got a life sentence and life in prison wasnt easy. He was almost killed many times and there were many ilegal missions by other prisoners to take him out. Years after, when he thought there was no hope for him, an old friend of his got captured and decided to come clean about everything that happened during those 16months. Daren hoped that his friend would manage to lower his sentence and he saw it as a second chance. It was then that police discovered about their drug possesion, and he also got charged with drug traficking. drug manufacturing. He also got charged for first degree murder against goverment workers and police officers and got given the death penalty! By the time he was 29. It took him 2 whole years to reform his old gang to make a prison break mission. For one last time they all met with eachother once again and carried out their prison break plan. As they were leaving they suddenly got busted.. He had the oportunity to either save his friends or save himself and let them die... It was then that he backstabbed them and escaped. He had to hide and then slowly figured a way to go through the border.  On his way there he got busted by old enemies and captured. He got constantly tortured and they made him work for them and got involved with crime again. It was then that he decided to carry out a suicide bombing plan against his kidnappers. He had prepared everything when his kidnapper suddenly put him in a room and tortured him.. They were going to kill him.. his plan would fail. As he was sitting tied on a chair waiting for them to kill him he head the words. "I really need to smoke" His eyes openned widely as he head the lighter sparkle! Soudenly a loud burst of  sound was heard. He oppened his eyes realising that everything around him had exploded.. He had to crawl outisde the room with serious injuries using a small piece of metal to free himself... As he moved closer to the border he succesfully moved to Korea and changed his name to Dar Hermington after his old friend.

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