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DIVA adult reapplying!

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IGN: Ghostlykisses
RP Name: Diva Bethlehem
Age: 25

Character backstory and description (over 200 words):

Diva was a very short woman standing at 5’8 feet, with hot pink hair and cool pale complexion. Her eyes would be her most noticeable feature, with two naturally piercing blue eyes. She constantly wears mascara, a beauty mark drawn on her face, and very faint rosy lipstick. Her figure was rather square, with scrawny arms and long legs. . Their right arm and right leg would be covered in a rose tattoos.

Diva was born in Paris, France on June 9th, 1998. Her parents were Angel and Theo Bethlehem. Her mother was in the middle of divorce with Theo. He would have affairs with multiple women and had illegitimate children. Angel was endlessly tired of being cheated on so she made up a plan to escape her marriage without the "baggage" of family.

When Diva was 5, Angel had packed her things in a rush and left in the dark of night. Theo was shocked she had the courage to leave and was left with a daughter he did not want. Theo’s half-sister offered to take care of her niece in exchange for living arrangements. 

Theo agreed, almost never being home. Noelle would take her to school, pick her up, make her food, taking care of her almost as she was her own child. Soon Noelle became the only mother Diva would ever know and addressed her as such. During primary and secondary school, she would be an extremely bright and intelligent girl. She had always made sure to complete her work, gotten the top marks in her tests and was very social. She was very popular amongst her classmates for her grades and appearance. 

As she entered her teenage years, she was happy to make her tatie proud. She had gained a scholarship to continue her studies in Korea. Diva and her family quickly moved to Seoul and enrolled her in the High School. Unfortunately, the start of her troubles began. — She thought to herself, who am I trying to impress? My father? My mother? She realized she wasn't doing this for a better future. It was to gain her parents' love. So she began to act out, she started to fail, drinking, smoking etc. She was unloyal to her friends, partners and those that cared for -her. One day, a teacher she had always looked up to spoke with her recent behavioral issues. She vented to him about her problems, crying into her palms as he comforted her. He offered to adopt her as most of her problems stemmed from an unhealthy relationship with her family. She gladly accepted. Soon, she grew to love her adoptive father and officially claim him as her dad. 

    Living under her new father’s roof, he had taught her why her decisions were bad and gave her advice on how to live better. 

She quit smoking, drinking and apologized to those she had affected. She started to raise her grades and had real inspiration for the first time. She wanted to be a teacher like her father. But she decided it was better to just get her diploma .

    After graduating, She started studying education privately. Eventually she ended up spending her free time getting people to play games with her in exchange for money. (Gambling)

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